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Jules Wainstein’s Husband Michael Files For Divorce, ‘RHONY’ Curse Strikes Newbie Housewife

Jules Wainstein is the newest edition to the Real Housewives of New York this season. She came on board, not really connecting with the fans until after the first few episodes aired. Wainstein and her husband, Michael, know Dorinda and John, which is allegedly how she was cast for the show. Despite being a little different from the other women, Wainstein seemed to have it all together.

There is a rumor that reality shows breed curses, and the Real Housewives of New York seems to break couples apart. Jules Wainstein walked into the show a married woman, but it appears the curse caught up with her marriage and she will not be leaving the same way. According to All About the Tea, Jules Wainstein’s husband, Michael filed for divorce back in May. He ended up having an affair, which Jules caught him in. Instead of opting to work things out, Wainstein decided to file for divorce and move on with his life. The couple has two children, which could make things difficult.

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With all of the drama happening on the Real Housewives of New York, it isn’t surprising to learn Jules Wainstein’s marriage is ending. The filming scheduling can be grueling and with the various trips the women take, it would be easy to lose sight of the way things used to be. There is very little information available about when the affair happened or how long it had been going on. It was said that Jules found out about it and attempted to put a stop to it. The official filing date for the divorce from Jules Wainstein was May 16. It has been less than a month since it happened, and the news is just being leaked now.

It appears that Jules Wainstein will be discussing what went wrong with her marriage during the Real Housewives of New York reunion show. It has not been confirmed whether or not it was already taped, but she will be addressing what went down and where she plans to go from here. As a woman with young children, her decisions have to be carefully made. Fans think she will remain where she is, hoping that the marriage can be salvaged while others fully expect her to succeed without him to prove her cheating husband completely wrong. With all of the assets the two have, things with the divorce could get messy.

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The Real Housewives of New York has had one of the best seasons in recent years, and this drama with Jules and Michael Wainstein could add to it. With all of the chaos this cast has caused, the ratings have increased. Wainstein will join the ranks of the women on the show who have been divorced during the various seasons of the show. Only Dorinda and Carole have been widowed, the others are all divorced.

Fans are waiting to hear all of the details surrounding Jules Wainstein and her cheating husband. It seems that things took a toll on her marriage, and it may be attributed to the show. While nothing has been confirmed, it appears that Michael Wainstein just wants out of the marriage. This was surprising because the footage shown on the Real Housewives of New York indicated the two were happy with one another. The next several episodes of the show will hopefully shed some light on where things will go from here. Fans have been wondering what the next step will be, especially where the kids are involved. There has been no indication about what Michael Wainstein will be asking for in the divorce or whether or not Jules Wainstein will collect spousal support from him.

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