Teenage Girls Bully Autistic Boy

Teenage Girls Bully Autistic Boy, Then Attack Classmate That Stepped In To Stop The Abuse

A pair of teenage girls were approached about bullying an autistic girl in Emerson Greens, Bristol at the Winterbourne International Academy. When the autistic girl’s friend attempted to stop the abuse, the teenage girls turned their attention on him, brutally beating him instead.

Jake Andrews, 14-years-old, stepped in to stop his autistic friend from being bullied further by the two teenage girls. He knew his friend did nothing wrong and felt it was the right thing to do. However, when he encountered the teenage girls, they quickly turned their sites on him while the autistic friend recorded the incident. Andrews was not anticipating a fight, nor did he believe the teenage girls would beat him so brutally as he attempted to find out why they were bullying his autistic friend. Yet, without much warning, both girls ascended on him and began their brutal attack.

As the video is recorded, the teenage girls can be heard screaming obscenities as Andrews attempted to make his escape. Neither of the girls would allow Andrews to escape, especially with the video being recorded, so they continued their beating and attempted to steal his phone.

At one point, Andrews asked why they were trying to take his phone. One of the teenage girls responded that it was because he was recording them.

Unsuccessful in retrieving the phone, the teenage girls dragged Andrews off to the side and then threw him over a nearby hedge, according to Metro.

Andrews, with only one shoe on due to the brutal attack, was accused of hitting one of the teenage girls, yet it was not visible in the video that he touched her. She threatened to have him killed if he hit her again, to which he replied that he did not touch her.

‘Yeah, cause I definitely hit you, didn’t I?’

Andrews received a sore jaw, a headache, lumps, and scratches from the attack.

Despite being beaten so brutally by the teenage girls, Andrews did not fight back, instead, he decided to post the video footage to social media and share what the girls were capable of. In addition, he showed the video to his mother, Clare, to show that he was only trying to assist his autistic friend.

Clare is proud of her son for not fighting back and hopes the girls realize what they did wrong and stop the bullying, according to the Mirror.

“I think he put it on Facebook because he wanted to get the message out there that violent behaviour was just not acceptable.”

In addition, Clare is proud that her son did not fight back.

“We brought him up not to hit girls and the footage really shows that. As I mum I just could not watch it. I saw the first kick and I haven’t been able to see the rest of it.”

Police from the Avon and Somerset Constabulary are investigating the incident and plan to bring the teenage girls in for questioning. They have ensured that they will do a complete investigation and ensure that the girls are aware of their misdeeds and punished accordingly.

“The full circumstances surrounding this assault will be examined and safeguarding measures are in place for all those involved.”

It has been reported that the girls, ages 14 and 15, have both been expelled from school and will no longer harm anyone on school grounds for the time being. It is unknown if they will be charged for the attack or what sort of sentence they may face if charged.

The autistic girl is not reported to have been harmed physically in the incident, and Andrews is expected to recover from his wounds without lasting impact.

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