'Scream' Spoilers Season 2 Episode 4: Birthday Present [Video]

‘Scream’ Spoilers Season 2 Episode 4: Birthday Present [Video]

Scream on MTV has flummoxed its fans to the core with new evidence that may prove Audrey was never a killer, but is she really that innocent? In Episode 4, titled “Happy Birthday to Me,” fans are going to get a little sidetracked with a new scope for the direction of Season 2.

As if there could not be any more controversy for the teens on Scream, it appears as though Brooke will play along with her secret non-boyfriend in order to keep Branson at bay, at least for the time being. Fans should remember that even though Branson was ruled out by the Lakewood police as the killer (somewhat), that doesn’t mean that he is not.

There is still that weird choice of a name change to wonder about. Branson, or “Brandon’s son,” is somewhat chilling and awkwardly coincidental. But in the immortal words of Randy from the original Scream franchise, “It’s the millennium. Motives are incidental.”

Before we get too wordy about what is coming up in Episode 4 of Scream, let’s just take a look at where we are now in Season 2 of the Scream MTV series.

It appears that if you are to be a killer in Scream, then sometimes you don’t even know about it. That is, you have already committed your crimes and someone may be framing you for new murders that you did not commit. That is, of course, where a true murderer loses control of his/her carefully planned situation, according to Entertainment Weekly.

If there is one thing that Audrey of Scream has looming over her, that is the appearance of both a killer and a victim. It is too hard to tell at this point what she has done or what she intends to do. But for fans that have been watching Scream from the beginning, you know all too well that trying to guess the killer is like swatting bees around the beehive. The clues are coming at you from every direction, and every one of them stings just little more than the last one.

If Audrey truly had nothing to hide, then she would not have wasted time after finding Jake’s dead body in the storage locker. She would have gotten in front of the situation and went directly to the police. But since the killer is solely stalking her in Season 2 of Scream instead of Emma, then she might just turn out to be the final girl on this season of Scream.

It might also appear as if Audrey is slowly replacing Emma as the main character in Scream, which could also throw fans for a loop when Season 2 ends in the death of Emma. One thing that we know for sure is that the final girl of the original Scream movies is still alive, surviving four different films.

But when Audrey bludgeoned Noah, the Scream plot thickened… but not so fast. She could be just trying to hide her non-complicity in a blackmail scheme, which clearly is taking place here on Episode 3 of Scream.

Emma is also on the fritz with her father, or should she say her mentally disturbed biological parent. His actions do seem to have an ominous overtone, but they could also indicate that he is trying his hardest to protect his daughter. The Scream fan jury is still out on that one.

As reported on TV Guide, Episode 4 of Scream is going to focus more on Brooke and her wild web of issues at a birthday party. She is going to receive a gift from “Jake” while attending Kieran’s birthday party that is going to lead to another murder on Scream.

Tune into MTV to see the next episode of Scream on Monday.

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