Taylor Swift & Calvin Harris Breakup Drama - Calvin Unfollows Taylor, Deletes Tweet, Blocks Fans

Taylor Swift & Calvin Harris Breakup Drama: Calvin Unfollows Taylor, Deletes Tweet, Blocks Fans

It looks like Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris’ breakup may have turned ugly.

Despite recent reports claiming that there was “no drama” between Calvin and Taylor after they called it quits late last month, Harris now appears to be telling a different story on social media.

Harris underwent a serious social media cleanse on June 15 after he unfollowed Taylor on the social media site, deleted his tweet about their breakup, and then blocked a slew of Swift’s fans while also opting to remove all photos of himself and Swift on his Instagram page.

Taylor Swift update account @TSwiftCali also claimed that Harris unfollowed Swift’s brother, Austin Swift, on the 140-character site.

The June 2 tweet in which Harris wrote, “The only truth here is that a relationship came to an end & what remains is a huge amount of love and respect,” also no longer appears on his page, while photos from his and Swift’s romantic March vacation have been removed from his Instagram.

Following the tweet and photo deletion, a number of Taylor’s fans then took to Twitter to claim that they had been blocked by Harris, despite many stating that they had not interacted with the Scottish DJ.

“Calvin blocked me and I didn’t even tweet him anything mean OKAY BRO,” @belleswift17 wrote on the social media site, while @ashlynlovestay tweeted out, “CALVIN BLOCKED ME IM SCREAMING.”

Taylor Swift & Calvin Harris Breakup Drama - Calvin Unfollows Taylor, Deletes Tweet, Blocks Fans
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Taylor Swift fan @swiftsgomez then added, “lmao half of my timeline just got blocked by Calvin,” and @wegotbadblood wrote, “CALVIN JUST BLOCKED ME THIS JS THE BEAT DAY OF [MY] LIFE.”

But while some fans didn’t know why they’d been blocked by Harris, others claimed that they weren’t surprised by Calvin’s social media cleanse.

“Why is everyone so surprised Calvin did this?” Twitter user @seenyourcolors asked, “he’s the one who blocked over 50 teenage girls for saying Harry [Styles] name.”

Noticeably, the majority of social media users claiming to be blocked by Calvin all had display pictures and usernames pertaining to Swift.

But while Calvin was ridding his social media of all traces of Swift, Taylor then appeared to do the same thing, deleting snaps of herself and Harris on their March vacation as well as photos of the two celebrating the fourth of July in 2015 that she originally posted on Instagram.

Taylor Swift & Calvin Harris Breakup Drama - Calvin Unfollows Taylor, Deletes Tweet, Blocks Fans
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Though Calvin did not allude to removing Taylor or her family from his social media pages, Harris did tweet out a number of messages while ridding his accounts of Swift, writing, “Indian food,” followed by a number of tweets telling fans about “Video Friday.”

Interestingly, Calvin’s Taylor Swift social media cleanse came just hours after E! News published a report claiming that there is no bad blood between Harris and Swift, who dated for 15 months, and even claimed that the two have been in contact since calling it quits at the end of May.

“Taylor is not sad anymore about the breakup,” a source told the site, adding that Taylor knows the split “was for the best.”

Taylor Swift & Calvin Harris Breakup Drama - Calvin Unfollows Taylor, Deletes Tweet, Blocks Fans
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“They are not on bad terms,” E! News‘s Taylor insider continued. “They have communicated since the breakup, but getting back together is something that’s not in the cards for either of them.”

People was first to report Taylor and Calvin’s breakup, claiming earlier this month that there was “no drama” or infidelity that caused the two to split.

“There was no drama. Things just don’t work out sometimes,” an insider told the site of why the two called it quits after 15 months together, adding, “No one cheated.”

What do you think of Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift undergoing a social media cleanse following their breakup?

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