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WWE News: Stephanie McMahon Potentially Returning To The Ring To Compete Again

It may have been Triple H who competed in the WrestleMania main event for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship against Roman Reigns, but it’s been Stephanie McMahon carrying the flag for The Authority ever since. We’ve neither seen nor heard from The Game as far as the main roster is concerned, with little to no mention of him on WWE programming. Triple H’s father-in-law put his son Shane and daughter Stephanie McMahon in charge ever since, becoming an official two-person committee at Payback.

While initial plans called for Stephanie and Shane’s sibling rivalry to lead to a major summer angle, things changed for a brief period in May. The combination of the WWE taking steps that would eventually lead to Stephanie taking over for her father and the announcement that she was writing a book had the WWE creative team attempting, or at least contemplating, the idea of turning Stephanie babyface.

Either WWE writers reverted back to the original plans, or turning Stephanie face was never in the cards to begin with, as we’re slowly seeing a rift reforming between brother and sister with each passing RAW. For the moment, their contention is based on who will assume control of both RAW and Smackdown, but whether or not that leads to any actual physicality remains in question. Obviously, Shane and Stephanie McMahon would not square off, but perhaps a proxy in one or both of their places. Triple H and Shane have also been a long-rumored SummerSlam bout, but as noted, we’re still waiting for Hunter to return to TV.

stephanie mcmahon to get back in the ring
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But apparently, that doesn’t mean Stephanie won’t have some sort of physical role again in the future herself. According to Ringside News, Stephanie McMahon participated in a Facebook Live question-and-answer session with some of her followers on Wednesday. Arguably, the most noteworthy moment of the near 17-minute Q&A came when Stephanie was asked if we’ll ever see her in the ring again.

It bears mentioning that Stephanie had full control over each question that was asked, rotating between questions that had come on Twitter from the night before, and those coming in as she was engaging in the session. She could pick and choose which ones to go with from a large pool, in what was viewed by nearly 400,000 people on Facebook. Anyway, Stephanie responded that she would love to get back in the ring for another feud/match but that it was entirely up to the “decision-maker.” She emphasized “maker,” meaning that there is one man in charge who has final say, and that’s her father.

While Stephanie acknowledged that she isn’t the greatest wrestler, it gives her a major thrill and her main objective in any match is to get her opponent over. Though she has been criticized on numerous occasions in the past for emasculating some of the male superstars, she made it clear Wednesday that it’s her goal to help elevate careers.

stephanie mcmahon to wrestle again?
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Stephanie’s most recent foray into an actual WWE match came at SummerSlam in 2014 when she beat Brie Bella in a singles match that lasted over 11 minutes. It was daughter McMahon’s first match in over a decade, and one that saw Nikki Bella turn on her sister to aid Stephanie in the victory. At the following year’s WrestleMania, fans were teased by the thought of a showdown between Stephanie and UFC star Ronda Rousey. Their memorable encounter with The Rock and Triple H was used to set the stage for some combination of a potential future match, either singles or mixed tag.

Rousey wouldn’t need a ton of assistance “getting over,” but it’s highly unlikely Stephanie would beat her. That match seems more and more possible with the recent loan of Brock Lesnar to compete at UFC 200. Combine that with Stephanie’s Facebook admission that she’d love to get back in the ring and those wheels can be put in motion once again.

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