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Luke Hemmings And Girlfriend Arzaylea Hang Out In Australia After 5SOS Tour

Luke Hemmings is continuously on the road, doing shows with his 5SOS mates all across the world. That doesn’t mean that his relationship with his girlfriend, Arzaylea, has to be put on hold. Instead of leaving her behind in the US, Luke Hemmings has made a habit out of inviting her to great cities that he performs in.

Some eagle-eyed fans have most recently spotted Luke Hemmings hanging out with Arzaylea in the Spanish city of Barcelona. It looks like she is helping him get his music and 5SOS shows off his mind during his time off.

Of course, this has caused an uproar in the 5SOS fan community, sparking another thread of hatred for his girlfriend. Hollywood Take has quoted some of the fans’ reaction towards Luke having invited Arzaylea to Barcelona. Some of them read, “Arzaylea is in Barcelona wtf, why did he had to bring her here?” and “ugh why is arzaylea with 5sos on barcelona, she went home for like a week”.

But Arzaylea didn’t stop there. It looks like Arzaylea, according to her Instagram, has tagged along all the way to Australia, where the 5SOS boys are originally from. She posted a picture of herself in Sydney, a photo most likely taken by Luke Hemmings himself.

all uh da lights

A photo posted by @arzaylea on

Luke and Arzaylea have suffered ever since they hinted their relationship to the public. She once spoke out about the amount of negativity she receives from his fans, who seem to think that he belongs to them.

“[Luke’s fans] want me to be this really horrible person,” Arzaylea said in an interview with Vice. “But I’m not. I’m just a really normal girl who just happens to date someone not so normal.”

I think all of it is kind of a game,” she added. “And when people take a game too seriously, it turns into something way more than it needs to be.

In response, Luke has also risen to defend his girlfriend, although that meant that he might lose a few fans here and there.

“[T]he 5SOS frontman has made it abundantly clear that he’s tired of the negativity surrounding his relationship, allegedly messaging a fan and telling her to knock off the hate and later tweeting about how “people need to relax,”” reports Bustle. “Simply put: Luke Hemmings is tired of fans hating on his relationship with Arzaylea, and he is speaking out about it.”

The couple still shies away from posting anything permanently (they have posted and then have taken pictures off) on their social media accounts, but they are now taking the first step towards easing their relationship into the public sphere.

Most notably, Arzaylea wrote a huge message on her Instagram, possibly confessing her love to Luke Hemmings.

i’m in love with you, & i’m not in the business of denying myself the simple pleasure of saying true things,” she wrote. “i’m in love with you, and i know that love is just a shout into the void, and that oblivion is inevitable, and that we’re all doomed and that there will come a day when all our labor has been returned to dust, and i know the sun will swallow the only earth we’ll ever have, and i am in love with you.”

Check out the post that she wrote the caption.

The fact that she is available to follow 5SOS tour means that the pressure of differing schedules has not been a big factor in their long-distance relationship. Let’s hope that Arzaylea can continue to be able to join Luke Hemmings in his foreign travels!

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