Coffee and cancer: The risk is reduced when not hot

Could Coffee Prevent Cancer? New Studies Reveal Possible Reversal To Previous Conclusion

The link between coffee and cancer might have just been reversed. The hot beverage that many across the United States enjoy with their breakfast to wake them up could actually prevent the fatal disease. There is a catch, though.

In 1991, it was assumed that coffee was actually contributing to bladder cancer. The idea was that the beverage was a carcinogen, much like cigarettes. Recent revelations point to what may have been the problem, actually stunting our growth like the old trope states.

This might vary according to how you take your coffee, and Starbucks may be among those companies who are actually contributing to the problem. Too much cream, sugar, or other unnatural flavorings can easily alter the health benefits, and a recent report has also proven that chilling your coffee beans will make the beverage taste better.

You might be surprised to find that temperature has a lot to do with the threat posed by your beverage. The carcinogenic properties were actually linked to the high temperatures that may be scalding your throat and inflaming it to the point of the formation of cancer cells. This means the next time you prepare a fresh pot, you should probably drop an ice cube or two in it. It’ll probably make the caffeine weaker, but too much caffeine has been known to be bad for you anyway.

Caffeine is the reason why a strong cup of joe will send you to the bathroom more often, as it is a diuretic.

At lower temperatures, the chances of causing health issues decrease and the benefits actually increase. A recent broad study has discovered that drinking coffee regularly might actually prevent several cancers, as well as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and neurological disorders.

The study isn’t entirely conclusive and might be similar to the strange rise in violent crimes around the world. It might not be that more people are getting violent as much as the fact that we have access to the internet now and can know about them more easily. The link is strong between coffee consumption and the decrease in the risk of several diseases, but it’s still a possible huge coincidence.

This isn’t what some health research organizations have found, though. The World Cancer Research Fund International has reported in recent years that three to five cups of joe every day might actually keep the fatal disease from spreading. One author even suggests that those with chronic liver disease can lower their risk of dying by consuming coffee.

Scientists claim that coffee contains antioxidants and other compounds that are commonly studied for their anti-cancer properties, and it might actually curb liver and uterine cancer.

Being one of the most popular beverages in the United States, partly thanks to Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts, it seems all we need to do is wait for it to cool down.

Unfortunately for those of us who enjoy a cup of harder beverages like rum and whiskey, coffee doesn’t really do anything to combat the side effects. In those cases, you should probably try countering the amount of alcohol you drink with some water because it’s taking water out of you.

Don’t overdo it with the caffeine, and keep the temperature lower, and your daily cup of coffee might actually be keeping you healthy.


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