‘Killer Assistant’: Lifetime Movie — ‘Days Of Our Lives’ Actress Arianne Zucker Stars In Riveting Crime Thriller

Killer Assistant is a new crime thriller coming to Lifetime this Sunday. The drama, which is also known as The Assistant, was directed by Danny J. Bogle and written by Sophie Tilson and Shanrah Wakefield. Killer Assistant follows a female boss who believes she has everything under control until she hires a handsome but dangerous assistant.

According to Hollywood Hiccups, Killer Assistant stars Arianne Zucker as Suzanne Austin, Joanne Baron as Janet McAlper, Todd Cahoon as Detective Westwood, Ryan Cargill as Young Robert, Corey Craig as Barista, Josh Drennen as Bob, Brando Eaton as David, Theodora Greece as Lara Berkis, Natalie Lander as Calista Austin, Catherine Lazo as Dr. Gorrie, Sierra Love as Nora Patters, Shaelan O’Connor as Young Suzanne, Brett Ryback as Ian, Darryl Stephens as Charles, George Stults as Robert Austin, and Maverick Thompson as Young David.

Killer Assistant Lifetime Movie Synopsis

Suzanne Austin is a successful editor who enjoys her lucrative position. Things are going well at her job, but Suzanne’s personal life is a mess since she discovered her husband’s infidelity. Although her self-esteem takes a minor hit, it’s boosted after she hires David, a gorgeous new male assistant. Easy on the eye, David is young, hot, and smart. He’s also a seducer, and before long, Suzanne is his next target. Working together on various projects, Suzanne and David are getting closer and closer, and the lines between their professional relationship and their intimate one start blur.

The boundaries are pushed even further after a night of dinner and drinks, which leads to Suzanne giving into the sexual desires that David has re-ignited in her. Despite the mind-blowing pleasure she experienced the night before, Suzanne knows that she has crossed the line, and it’s time to get back to reality and back to business. The only thing to do is to end this “inappropriate relationship.” But it’s too late. David is hooked, and he isn’t letting go.

Now, he’s willing to turn Suzanne’s world upside down by blackmailing her and threatening to expose their dirty little secret. Still, Suzanne thinks she has everything under control until a co-worker ends up dead, making her fear for her own life.

The Cast Of Lifetime’s Killer Assistant, According To IMDb

Actress Arianne Zucker

“Three-time Emmy-nominated actress Arianne Zucker has played many roles, but she is best known for the character of Nicole Walker on NBC’s hit daytime drama, ‘Days of Our Lives’. Arianne’s independent film career started with a short film called ‘Looking for Bobby D’ (2001), and she began to generate work in television by landing the role of Brenda Collette in CSI:Miami (2006). Her work was noticed by writer Karen Harris, (General Hospital, All MY Children) and was asked to play the role Winnifred Marshall in ‘Life in General’ (2008).”

Actor Brando Eaton

“Brando Eaton was born in Los Angeles, California where he was raised as an only child by a single mother. Bitten by the acting bug early, he started doing plays at the age of five and continued throughout high school. After graduation he decided to pursue acting as a career, working day jobs until landing his first job on Nickelodeon’s ZOEY 101. Since then he has continued to work in film and television including CSI, The Mentalist, Secret Life of the American Teenager, Dexter and Alvin & the Chipmunks 2.”

Killer Assistant, aka The Assistant, is produced by Cartel Pictures and the Cartel with distribution by MarVista Entertainment. Filming took place on location in Los Angeles, California. Executive producers on the film are Steven Hawthorne, Stephanie Slack, Fernando Szew, and Carla Woods. Running time on this latest Lifetime feature is 90 minutes.

Tune into Killer Assistant this Sunday, June 19, at 9/8 p.m. Central on Lifetime. This week, Lifetime is also airing Mother, May I Sleep with Danger?

[Image via MarVista Entertainment]