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‘Exposing Fitness’ Instagram Photos Call Out Photoshop Fakes: ‘Devin Physique’ Posts 15-Second Ab Clapback [Video]

The Instagram account called “Exposing Fitness” calls itself the savior of the fitness industry. With a tagline that claims you can’t fake fitness, the Instagram account has gained more than 1,110 followers on Instagram after only 63 posts.

Most of those posts seek to expose people that the site claims are using the telltale signs of Photoshop magic in their social media photos. Plenty of those telltale signs include warped mirrors or curvy objects behind a person when they are trying to make their waists thinner or their hips curvier, which is a big trend in fitness these days.

Not all of the photos on the “Exposing Fitness” Instagram account show people who are guilty of using Photoshop to reduce their body fat percentages. The below photo shows a woman enjoying her fitness competition selfie, with a thin woman in the background being criticized for appearing too thin. While some could accuse the photo circle of skinny-shaming a woman, the description reveals the hope that the woman is not suffering too much for the sake of a bikini competition.

As reported by the Inquisitr, fitness competitions and posing clinics are growing in popularity. With the trend toward fitness skewing upward, it makes sense that people are showing off all their hard work in gym selfies. However, not all of those selfies are to be believed.

At times using rough language, the account calls out a variety of fitness experts whom they claim are using Photoshop for their “Adobe gainz” instead of real-life gains. The hashtag #adobegainz has more than 4,550 posts as of this writing. Some of those folks featured in the photos are fighting back against the claims, such as what “Devin Physique” is seemingly doing in the below video that shows himself going from a pudgy tummy to six-pack or eight-pack ripped abs in a matter of seconds.

Devin’s video seems a direct response that proves the way a person stands or slouches or flexes can have a dramatic effect upon how their body appears, hence the need for the aforementioned posing clinics for fitness competitors. When the video first begins, Devin’s stomach looks full, as if he’s slouching and not flexing at all. In the amazing 15-second transformation, as he turns and breathes and flexes, so much more muscle definition appears that it is truly transformative.

Devin’s transformation video was posted as a “Transformation Tuesday” video in the wee hours of the night on Tuesday, June 14. In a short period of 11 hours, the video had gained nearly 250,000 views and more than 600 comments.

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While some photos indeed on social media do appear to be the work of Photoshop fitness, not everyone who is accused of altering their photos to appear fitter could be doing so.

Kayla Itsines recently posted the following photo of a woman who has been following her program for a year, but Liza Parker found herself the subject of criticism by some folks who claimed her “booty gainz” were fake, as reported by Us Magazine.

Parker made sure to set the record straight on her own Instagram page, explaining that she has not had butt implants, nor did she Photoshop the before-and-after photo.

There is no substitute for hard work & dedication! ???? A new month means a new progress pic ???? Over a year into the BBG program from @kayla_itsines which also means a full year of booty gains! ???????? One of my goals when starting this program was to build muscle????I had lost muscle mass due to excessive cardio & a restrictive diet in the past and knew I couldn't maintain what I was doing???? Flash forward to today and I weigh more. I eat a lot more. I feel confident. I feel comfortable in my own skin. And I feel strong ???? I'm now halfway through my 5th round of BBG. I have been increasing my weights with each round and have been feeling pretty awesome ???? The biggest shift for me has been moving away from the idea that health is the number on the scale. It should be about how you FEEL. Your happiness and wellbeing is far more important in defining your health than a number???? So here's to setting goals and absolutely crushing them! Who's with me? ???? ***And a side note since I've received some criticism that this photo is edited/photo shopped/fake/or I had surgery on my butt*** This is ALL me. No filter on this one either. I work very hard for my results. The shorts/pose definitely help to accentuate the booty LOL and I have to stand on my sectional to get the shot ???? Just wanted to keep it real friends and a huge thanks to @kayla_itsines for the feature! I can't believe it????????????

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The comments on posts like those get pretty heated, with people arguing back and forth about the results. So much so, that a video was soon posted to the same account to prove Parker’s butt is real.

So here's me making a fool of myself in my kitchen! ???? But I wanted to have some real talk with all of you and thought it would lighten the mood ✌ I woke up yesterday to @kayla_itsines featuring my BBG progress pic. I couldn't believe it! I was pretty jacked! Then the Internet trolling started???? It shouldn't have bothered me, but it did. I was accused of "getting surgery" to achieve my figure and that I had "photo shopped" my picture. Both completely FALSE. There was a lot more said. Some of which were absolutely hurtful & terrible???? I have seen these comments on other progress pictures Kayla has shared and I just don't understand it. As someone who is very open on social media I understand that everyone is entitled to their opinion and I've dealt with negative comments in the past. However I'm never okay with body shaming or trying to discredit the hard work someone has put in????On social media we usually share the best of the best. We find the best light, the best angle, and quite often the best filter and it may not accurately portray what that person looks like every day. I was feeling pretty good the day I took my booty progress pic ???? I put on my fav shorts, found some good light and posed in a way that I felt accentuated the gains I had made. I didn't think I would ever be attacked for it ????For me it has always been about the strength and confidence I have built in addition to the physical gains. I know I shouldn't let comments from people who don't know me get to me but I felt I needed to stand up for myself. This is ALL me. And I love this program. And it works! I love all of you for being so supportive always ❤ Stay classy fit fam! ????

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Despite the controversy, some are using the photo as inspiration to start their own workouts.

“Congrats! Amazing job!! Pay no attention to the negativity… People’s jealousy doesn’t change the fact that you’ve worked very hard to get to where you are now…you’ve inspired me to get the app and start working out…”

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