Little Mix's Mix Men agency has auditions

Little Mix’s Backup Dancer Agency Holds Auditions For New Talent

Do you watch Little Mix videos obsessively and think you have mastered all of the moves by their Mix Men backup dancers? If you think you could easily fill in for a Little Mix concert as part of their dance team, stay tuned because there may be an opening at the talent agency that employs the Mix Men.

Little Mix has been slaying Europe with several concerts in Scandinavia as their Get Weird Tour commences, and they could not make it work without their backup dancers, the Mix Men. For Little Mix fans that follow the Mix Men as much as the singers, the good news is that the dance company they work for may be looking for new members.

When Little Mix toured over the past couple of years, they always seemed to have some familiar faces in the backdrop such as Claudimar Neto, Randall Watson, Wolfgang Mwanje, and Jaron Johnson.

Although Little Mix said in a February 7, 2014, interview with MTV that there were only four Mix Men, this may have changed for their 2016 Get Weird Tour.

For instance, in many of the Little Mix photographs of concerts, it appears that there have been a couple of additions to the core Mix Men group such as Aaron Witter and Luke Johnson.

Little Mix and the Mix Men make a complete concert
Little Mix performances are almost always accompanied by dancers like the Mix Men. (Photo by Charles Sykes/Invision/AP)

As it appears, all of Little Mix’s dancers work with a company called Dancers Inc World. Founded in 2001, Little Mix is not their only client, and the Dancers Inc World website also references Sony Music, Pharrell, Olly Murs, Madonna, and Elton John.

Classified as a commercial dance agency, the door is not closed to outsiders looking to get their foot in the door with acts similar to Little Mix’s Mix Men or other performances. For dancers looking to break into the business, Little Mix’s dance agency has been advertising open auditions for their company throughout June.

Along with alerting anyone that wants to try out that this is an annual event, Dancers Inc World gave specific instructions about a resume, photos, and submitting a request for an audition spot.

Although Dance Inc World do not mention expectations for their tryouts, scanning the news headlines for information about the Mix Men is revealing. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Little Mix’s dancers have to be ready for anything. For example, when Little Mix’s Jesy Nelson had leg problems, the Mix Men easily incorporated her wheelchair into the dances on stage.

Little Mix also frequently changes their stage costumes and dance routines with the Mix Men improvising, according to Entertainment Weekly. In fact, Little Mix has danced on the dancers as if they were “sexy fireman’s poles.”

Little Mix uses a lot of dancers in addition to the Mix Men
Although Little Mix always seems to have the Mix Men on stage, sometimes they use a large number of additional dancers. (Photo by Joel Ryan/Invision/AP)

After the June 11 Capital FM Summertime Ball with Little Mix, Breaking News reported fans were ecstatic about the Mix Men tearing the band out of boiler suits to reveal their revved up bodysuits underneath.

Of course, Little Mix fans are in adoration of the Mix Men for their talent, and this may be because they have an immediate presence during concerts. For instance, impressed fans posted a video of a “showdown” or dance-off between the Mix Men and Little Mix.

On occasion, the Mix Men also get swooped into non-dancing roles while on tour with Little Mix. Mirror points out on May 14 that Little Mix would not have made it safely across the Sydney airport if they did not have the help of the Mix Men.

Although Little Mix’s Mix Men are not the only gig for Dancers Inc World, Claudimar Neto is the “Dance Captain” for most Little Mix performances. The other person listed on every page of credits for choreography is Dance Inc World’s Creative Director/Choreographer Elizabeth Honan.

In the end, it also appears that the main requirement for being a part of Little Mix’s team is the ability to smile ear-to-ear. No matter where in the world Little Mix dancers are photographed, in their social media posts, they always seem to be having the time of their lives.

???????? THESE BOYS ???????? #mixmen #summertimeball2016

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The July 2 audition locations for Little Mix’s dance company will be disclosed if applicants are chosen in the preliminary stages.

[Picture by Robb D. Cohen/Invision/AP]