Is Jill Zarin returning to real housewives

Is Jill Zarin Really Coming Back To ‘Real Housewives Of New York’? Who Wants Her Back

Now that Countess Luann is feeling ganged up on, she would like to have a friend back on the cast of The Real Housewives of New York, so enter Jill Zarin. Luann wants Jill back, but there is some serious hesitation from the rest of the RHONY cast. In an interview, Luann said of all of the housewives who have come and gone, the first one she would bring back would be Jill Zarin. But Luann also let it slip that Jill was supposed to make a return in the past, but it was thwarted by one of the usual suspects.

According to the Inquisitr, there have been conflicts between the ladies this season that have gone beyond mere disagreements, which include a public fight between Ramona and Dorinda out in the street after Dorinda and John threw a seemingly drunk Ramona out of a private party (she had no invite). Perhaps to even the score, Luann could use a friend like Jill Zarin on her side.

Reality Tea suggests that the last time Jill Zarin was coming back, Ramona threw a wrench into the works and ended Jill’s return to RHONY. But Luann was firmly on board then and is on board now.

“Oh, Jill Zarin! Everybody wants to see Jill.”

But does everybody want to see Jill? On all of the Real Housewives franchises, there are many queen bees who aren’t interested in giving up their screen time, and it sounds like Ramona, in particular, doesn’t want to share with Jill.

When Jill Zarin was supposed to come back to RHONY in 2014, the big reason Ramona didn’t want Jill back was because Jill had all of the details about Mario, Ramona’s husband, and his cheating. Ramona was supposedly scared that Jill would spill the beans, according to Luann.

“Ramona found out and she put the kibosh on that. Because Jill had the ‘goods’ on her… What that means is Jill knew what was going on in Ramona’s life.”

Andy Cohen has suggested in the past that if Jill Zarin ever returned, there would be a cast mutiny. Jill wants to return, but allegedly Ramona says no, and Bethenny has been clear that she has no interest in mingling with Jill Zarin. For now, it seems that just Jill and Luann want Jill to return to RHONY.

All About TRH says that Luann believes the return of Jill Zarin could only make RHONY better. Luann says that with time, everyone misses the ladies who have left, like Heather and Kristen, but the presence of Jill Zarin is missed the most. Jill Zarin was fired in 2011 when the show was revamped (rumor is that there was a Bethenny ultimatum). But Andy Cohen has been open to bringing her back. Luann believes the reluctance to bring Jill back for some of the other women is that Jill “has the goods” on everyone.

“[Jill]’s the Jewish mom. She knows everything.”

While fans would love to see Jill Zarin back on the show, there is a lot of pressure behind the scenes to keep Jill away, and it is not certain if Andy Cohen would want to deal with that headache.

But Wetpaint says that Luann has not given up on bringing Jill Zarin back and considers Jill one of her dear old friends. And after watching the latest episodes of RHONY, Luann could really use a friend.

“You know, I always miss the girls who aren’t on the show anymore,” she continued. “Kristen [Taekman’s] a great girl, so is Heather [Thomson]. But you know, they’ve moved on and I just keep moving forward.”

Do you think there is a chance, with Luann’s encouragement, that Jill Zarin could return to RHONY, at least for an appearance?

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