Leaf Blower Assault Memphis

Leaf Blower Incident Could Land Memphis Man Behind Bars

Memphis, TN – A man could possibly face assault charges for aiming his leaf blower at a woman in a business parking lot, The Commercial Appeal reports. For sending debris flying into the woman’s face, the man could find himself spending a bit of time behind bars. Assuming, of course, that a jury decides that a leaf blower is a means of assault.

The incident reportedly began when Kelly Carraway and another woman approached 33-year-old Michael David Bridgewater Jr. about the grass clippings and various waste that were hitting their cars in the Hollywood Cinema parking. According to the affidavit, Bridgewater allegedly turned his leaf blower in the poor woman’s general direction, resulting in all sorts of “grass clippings, dirt, and landscaping/parking lot debris” being forcefully shoved into her nasal passages. Complications from the incident ultimately forced the victim to pay a visit to her family physician for treatment.

To make matters worse, UPI reports that Bridgewater pointed the leaf blower at the woman in an “offensive and provocative” manner, which essentially adds insult to her injury. Due to the nature of the assault and the ensuing respiratory problems, Carraway decided to press charges against this rude, unruly, and uncaring leaf blower enthusiast.

Last Monday, the victim testified before a grand jury. During her appearance at the hearing, Bridgewater’s attorney Bill Whitsitt grilled Carraway about the incident in the Hollywood Cinema parking lot, asking whether or not she believed his client intentionally blew the waste onto her automobile. He also wanted to know if the woman’s claims regarding the amount of debris on her car were, in fact, legit. Carraway states the amount of dust on her vehicle totaled about a half-inch.

Michael David Bridgewater Jr., who spends his time cutting hair when he isn’t ridding the world of unwanted clippings, twigs, and what-not, did not testify at the hearing in Bartlett Municipal Court.