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The ‘Xbox One S’ Leaks Ahead Of Microsoft’s Conference

As we’ve previously reported here on The Inquisitr, the PlayStation 4.5 (or PlayStation 4K or PlayStation “Neo”—whatever you want to call it) has been confirmed by Sony. Unfortunately, though, this new console will not make an appearance at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) happening this week. (Strange, I know.) As you may have imagined, the rumor mill began to circulate concerning Microsoft’s next console. There have been talks about a more powerful Xbox One (codenamed “Scorpio”) and a slimmer Xbox One. And, ahead of Microsoft’s Press Conference, it seems the “Xbox One S” has leaked. Clearly, someone over at Microsoft couldn’t wait to spill the beans.

Posted on NeoGaf, images of the rumored (now confirmed?) “Xbox One S” have surfaced. Additionally, it seems the system will be pre-orderable as well. Microsoft has been expected to reveal some sort of slimmer (and sleeker) Xbox One at E3 this week. According to the NeoGaf thread, this rumor is, in fact, true. Although still unconfirmed by the software (and hardware) giant, the NeoGaf thread provides specifications on the system. As stated by the photo, the new “Xbox One S” will feature:

  • A 40 percent Smaller Console.
  • A 2TB (terabyte) Hard Drive. (Unclear whether it’s an SSHD, like the Elite Xbox One.)
  • 4K Ultra HD Video Support.
  • High Dynamic Range. (HDR.)
  • A Streamlined Controller. (Unexplained on purpose, I’m sure.)
  • A Vertical Stand.
  • Oh, And It’s White. (Unclear whether it’ll come in the Standard Black as well.

Ekim, a user on NeoGaf, revealed some compelling information about the “Xbox One S” as well, alongside the initial leak. This user posted a photo on the NeoGaf forums of how the “Xbox One S” will look when the vertical stand is in use. Moreover, the same user says, “BTW: Power Brick is internal.” Yes, that ginormous power brick you carry with the Xbox One wherever you go won’t be necessary with the “Xbox One S.” (If the information is to be believed, of course.) This internal power supply will be a first for an Xbox One console, and a welcomed change. Microsoft will be in-line with its competition, considering the PlayStation 4’s power supply is internal. As mentioned, there’s no information on what a “Streamlined Controller” means, but the leaked information showcase a beautifully refreshed white Xbox One controller.

If you remember, when the PlayStation 4.5 (or whatever you want to call it — again, there are too many names for this next PS4) was just speculation, the gaming community flipped out: gamers were bothered that there was another pS4 coming (especially if they had just made the move to next-gen), while others were excited about a more powerful system. (I’m on both sides of this discourse.) However, this isn’t the first time both console manufacturers (Sony and Microsoft) have “refreshed” their consoles.

During the PlayStation 3’s life cycle, we saw three different PlayStation consoles: the “Original” Playstation 3, the “Slim” PlayStation 3, and the “Super Slim” PlayStation. (Of course this doesn’t account the various internal storage options.) During the Xbox 360’s life cycle, we saw three different Xbox consoles: the “Original” Xbox 360, the “Slim” Xbox 360, and the “E” Xbox 360. (Much like the PlayStation 3, this doesn’t account for the various internal storage options and console updates as well.)

It’s exciting that Microsoft is producing another console. There’s no word on when the console will be available, how much the console will cost, or whether there will be an upgrade program for those who currently own an Xbox One. I’ll guess we’ll find out during Microsoft’s E3 Conference tomorrow morning at 9:30 A.M. PT / 11:30 A.M. CT / 12:30 P.M. ET. You can stream the showcase on the Xbox One Twitch channel or on YouTube.

[Photo by Charley Gallay/Getty Images for Xbox]