Ugly Betty’ Reboot: America Ferrera & Cast Have Reunion, Is A Revival Next?

Is an Ugly Betty reboot in the works? A cast reunion, including America Ferrera, has fans hopeful that a revival of the ABC show will happen and it is not just he fans that are hopeful for a chance to hang out with Betty again.

It has been 10 years since Ugly Betty premiered and the cast came together to celebrate at the ATX Television Festival. Ferrera along with Michael Urie, Tony Plana, Eric Mabius, Ana Ortiz, Vanessa Williams, Mark Indelicato, Rebecca Romijn, Ashley Jensen, and Judith Light gathered on a panel to discuss the hit show, as well as talk about a possible revival.

Although a good portion of the panel discussion was about the show itself, the characters, the close-knit cast, of course, there was a question about an Ugly Betty reboot. America Ferrera was quick to point out that not only did the cast all quickly agree to do the panel but that she is hopeful for a revival as well. In fact, she actually may have sparked a new rumor when she made an Ugly Betty reunion comment.

“Hulu picking Ugly Betty back up for a two-hour special.”

Despite the fact that the America was just joking, she and the rest of the cast banded together asking the crowd to Tweet to Hulu #bringbackuglybetty. Hulu has yet to make any remarks about the joke that Ferrera made or about even entertaining the idea of a possible Ugly Betty revival.

Hulu may be keeping quiet but show creator Silvio Horta is all bout having a reboot or revival, whatever it ends up being called. He was quick to jump on board but he has one non-negotiable request.

“If we were to do something it would be a dream but everybody on the would have to be involved.”

Although he was talking about the entire cast being involved, it was also a reference to the fact that not all the cast members were able to attend the panel. Becky Newton, who played Mandy, was noticeably absent. The actress had to miss the Ugly Betty reunion due to an illness.
The rumors are spreading like wildfire for a possible Ugly Betty revival thanks to the cast reuniting in Austin. A Hulu Twitter campaign has been started and it appears that it is all hands on deck for a reboot. Yes that means that the show creator and cast are all set to see just what Betty and company have been up to the past six years.

Given all the recent revivals Gilmore Girls and Full House, as well as the reboot Prison Break and X-Files, just to name a few, it seems very likely that an Ugly Betty revival could happen. If you recall the Austin Film Festival is where rumors of a Gilmore Girls revival first sparked and a Prison Break reboot too. Now soon fans will not only be back in Stars Hollow catching up with Rory and Lorelei but also finding out what the Prison Break gang has been up to the past few years. Here is hoping that an Ugly Betty reboot will happen just as quickly. If Hulu doesn’t seem to get the hint very soon, then perhaps Netflix or Amazon will jump in and save the day. There is definitely a serious interest in having the reboot that is for sure.

An Ugly Betty cast reunion has sparked hopes for a reboot, America Ferrera gave her blessing as did show creator Silvio Horta. What do you think about the possibility of an Ugly Betty revival or reboot? What do you think Betty and crew have been up to the past six years? Be sure to share your thoughts with us in the below comments section.

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Staff/Getty Images]