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Massive Blue Sphere UFO, Size Of A Football Stadium, Spotted Floating Over New York: MUFON

A group of friends at Saranac Lake, a village in the state of New York, report sighting a massive sphere UFO — the size of a football stadium — floating across the sky.

In a written testimony filed as Case 76535 in the Mutual UFO Network’s (MUFON) reporting database, the mysterious sphere traveled across the sky at an altitude less than 500 feet, according to Open Minds TV.

The witness and his group of friends had gone out on May 13, 2016, to see a band play. They were sitting and smoking cigarettes at about 2:30 a.m. after the watching the performance when they spotted the mysterious spherical object in the sky.

“I saw it coming very slowly, at first looking like something out of ‘Doctor Who’ or ‘Star Wars,’ ” the witness told MUFON.

He watched in utter astonishment as the object approached them slowly until it was directly overhead at an altitude less than 500 feet.

The witness described the mysterious UFO as a massive glass-like sphere, having a “beautiful blue color” and hundreds of structures on the body that looked like windows. The radiant blue color appeared to swirl with circles.

“I could see the most beautiful blue color I’ve ever seen forming thick circles, smaller ones around the edges,” the witness said.

“At this point the ship looked spherical, like a glass planet,” he continued. “I saw what looked like hundreds of observation windows.”

The witness said he was so astonished to see an object that looked like something from Star Wars floating overhead that he stared blankly and uncomprehendingly for several minutes before it occurred to him to alert his friends who were inattentive and probably nodding off in the early hours after staying awake to watch a band play.

“I stared at it in awe for a good 15 seconds before my brain kicked in and I realized I should point it out.”

“I told my friends to look up,” he said, “and we all watched as it very slowly, noiselessly continued onward.”

The group watched the mysterious object in awe as it floated overhead noiselessly. According to the reporting witness, the strange UFO flew so silently in the dark sky that no one would have noticed if he had not looked up as he smoked.

He recalled that one of his friends muttered in disbelief, “That is not a plane.”

“That looks like something from Star Wars,” the speaker’s girlfriend responded.

He also recalled that one of his companions remarked that the object, which had three very bright lights, looked like a shuttle.

The bright lights were situated on the “backside” of the mysterious object. The witness saw the lights after the sphere UFO had floated past them.

The entire sighting lasted only about five minutes. The group watched in silence until it had drifted mysteriously out of sight.

“I live in the mountains near Canada and have spent many years searching a light pollution-less sky. I have never seen anything like this,” he told MUFON. “It was comparable to having a football stadium pass right over your head, slowly and silently.”

MUFON representatives in New York were investigating the baffling sighting, according to Open Minds TV.

While it is difficult to speculate what the massive sphere UFO — the size of a football stadium — might have been, similar sightings of massive orbs, the “size of a football stadium,” have been reported in the past.

A well-known incident occurred in June, 1966, also over New York. It involved a family of six, who reported sighting a massive orb or sphere UFO, “the size of a football stadium,” floating in the air over Bronx.

Roger, his wife, 12-year-old daughter, and two sons, aged 8 and 6, had taken off early before sunrise for a road trip to Pennsylvania. As they drove south over Throgs Neck suspension bridge just before sunrise, they spotted a massive orb UFO floating over the bridge.

The sighting, which lasted only 30 seconds, caused the entire family intense excitement.

Roger recalled that his wife and sons yelled at him to look when at first he appeared not to notice. He said his daughter was so scared that the orb would hit the bridge and cause it to collapse that she screamed in fright.

Another baffling aspect of the sighting was the fact that the orb disappeared suddenly, and no one seemed to recall watching it fly away.

According to Roger, the orb had no visible distinguishing marks and the entire family was certain they had not mistaken the Moon or the Sun for an orb UFO floating over the bridge.

Roger, who estimated that the UFO was about the size of a football stadium, said it could have been bigger. He was uncertain because he could not estimate accurately how far away the object was.

But he estimated the distance at about 300 to 400 yards.

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