Pawn Stars Favorite Gives First Interview Since March Arrest

Chumlee Update: Is Chumlee Ditching ‘Pawn Stars’ To Pursue DJ Biz?

Is Chumlee, aka Austin Russell, ditching Pawn Stars to pursue his DJ business? With his legal troubles seemingly behind him, Chumlee is reconnecting with his fans. He’s even active on social media again. This is one of his most recent tweets.

According to a recent Morning Ledger report, Chumlee has been taking more interest in Las Vegas nightlife. Also, he hopes to DJ for the Oakland Raiders, should the team decide to relocate to the area.

Apparently, Chumlee’s DJ services won’t be the only freebie the Raiders will gain access to. Free pancakes, lap dances, and limo rides have already been promised as well.

In a Las Vegas Review-Journal interview, the manager of Sapphire strip club had this to say about welcoming the Oakland Raiders and other sports-related VIPs to Las Vegas.

“We want to make sure the Raiders receive a warm welcome to Las Vegas. We would like to extend a warm welcome to any of the sports leagues.”

Communicating via his representative, Chumlee stated he’ll wave his DJ fees, anytime the Raiders want him at one of their team events, especially if it’s for charity.

The good news is that Chumlee has made no mention of ditching Pawn Stars to pursue his DJ business. So, at this point, he’ll still be part of the upcoming season. You won’t miss out on any of the lovable goofiness he adds to each episode.

If you follow Chumlee’s Twitter feed, you probably already know he’s been extremely vocal lately. One fan just asked him if he’s still working at the pawn shop. Chumlee had this to say about that.

“Yes!!! For ever I will be there.”

As recently ported by the Inquisitr, Chumlee took a plea deal, regarding his legal trouble that surfaced on March 9. The deal kept him out of prison and allowed him to continue his Pawn Stars affiliation.

While many of Chumlee’s longtime fans were happy with the results of his May 23 court appearance, some people outside of the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop thought otherwise. Those people wondered if Russell was “getting a break” because of his notoriety.

It’s no secret that Chumlee loves Las Vegas, almost as much as he loves collecting things. You never know if and when you’ll see him at one of his favorite hotspots. One example is Showroom Tattoo. It’s where the Pawn Stars favorite gets all of his tattoo work done, including a Samurai warrior walking down a tiger.

While Chumlee has made no indication, in regard to ditching Pawn Stars to pursue his DJ business, some fans wonder if he already ditched his girlfriend, Tanya Hyjazi. At the time of his arrest, Russell and Hyjazi were said to still be a couple.

The pair started dating in 2013. Tanya, a chef by trade, was instrumental in helping Chumlee lose 75 pounds. If you watched Pawn Stars that season, you might remember Chumlee drinking juice smoothies on his lunch breaks.

Chumlee had his way of helping Tanya as well. He paid for her breast implants, as part of a birthday gift. At the time, he said he did it because “it only took him a couple of hours of work to buy a boob job.”

Do you think Chumlee will eventually ditch Pawn Stars, to move on to other things such as his DJ business? Or, do you think he’ll remain loyal to his friends at Gold and Silver Pawn Shop? Feel free to leave your comments about Chumlee below.

[Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]