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USPS publishes proposed Post Office closure list


677 post offices in the United States may close as part of cost cutting measured proposed by the USPS to the US Government Post Regulatory Commission.

The hearing, titled “Making Sense of It All: An Examination of USPS’s Station and Branch Optimization Initiative and Delivery Route Adjustments” heard that the Postal Service is expected to lose approximately $7.1 billion by the end of FY 2009. The USPS proposed to cut these loses through a combination of post office closures, price increases and other efficiency drives.

Not helping the USPS is a drop in mail volume caused by consumes switch online for information previously received by mail, and recession hit companies looking to reduce their mail volume by emailing accounts.

The proposed cuts are expected to save $1 billion annually. The “Post Office closing list” contains post offices that have been “identified” for full study for closure, meaning that all might not close.

The Post Office closure list as follows:

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18 Responses to “USPS publishes proposed Post Office closure list”

  1. jlosc

    Wonder what will happen to the people who staff these post offices once they close? Will they get laid off?

  2. Alan Schroeder

    Actually this list does not go far enough. I live in a town of less than 200 people that has a post office. This is stupid. The routes could be covered out of the county seat post office and you already can get your stamps etc from the carrier or order online. We do not need multiple post offices to cover our county. Also there is no reason for daily mail delivery. three times a week is fine. We have mainly switched over to email for rapid communications and of course the phone. Basically the post office supplies us junk mail to use as fire starters for our fireplaces.

  3. James Johnson

    Alan I agree with you. Why are we paying 4 or 5 employees a full salary to run a post office for 200 people. I'm assuming you have a mail person, at least one person doing incoming mail, one for outgoing, someone to man the desk. They can cut hundreds of thousands per year at each tiny location by converting areas like yours to rural delivery alone, then cutting a few days a week saves even more! Also are you aware that they are like 10 years ahead in their pension payments? They are paying money into pensions they haven't even made yet!

  4. Douglas Easter

    We have two post offices within a mile of each other (different towns) and a Post Office Annex that serves both within a mile of one of those two! Close down the first two and only operate the latter. That makes too much sense.

  5. James Johnson

    They are shedding them though Kim. Most states are "At Will" and that includes governmental jobs. Also I can't take your comment seriously because you said "Jerbs" and I don't know what a Jerb is 😉

  6. Mary Glendening

    There are 10 post offices within 5 miles of my house, half of those are under 2 miles. I am surprised that none of these were on the closure list. It seems like there are definitely too many in some areas. I wonder how they came up with the lsit.

  7. Joe Fiore

    I clicked the link to read the article, but couldn't find the list :(

  8. Paige Hammermill

    If that's the article I saw yesterday there should be a non-active link at the bottom. I think it's sad that they would have the Ben Franklin one on the list but keep ones open in areas where there's a saturation of offices.

  9. Paul Bonkowski

    No Surprise to Me………This is the Time when the General Public will have to take it in the A$$ because of Foolishless ad Greed of the Prevous Generations of workers :-(

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