Is Landon the Sonja of Southern Charm

Is Landon The Sonja Morgan Of ‘Southern Charm’ According To Bravo?

If you look closely at almost every Bravo reality series, each show seems to have what Bravo calls a Sonja, which is a woman trying to find herself. The person usually has her fingers in two many metaphorical pies and her attention and hyper manner leave that spread her too thin.

This week, the Bravo website asked fans, “Do you think that Landon is the Sonja of Southern Charm?”

Even Landon’s daddy told her after she listed all of her latest toaster oven, prosecco, and handbag ideas to start by choosing one. Good advice, daddy, good advice, but when you choose that one, you have to do the whole soup to nuts of the project or else it will never get off the launchpad and televised meetings will just be embarrassing.

Although Landon started out on Southern Charm as the shy and giggly brunette that replaced quirky Jenna, she has now been revealed to have some serious ulterior motives and a devious streak, according to the Inquisitr. After awkward interactions with both of her parents on Southern Charm (mama last year, who was disappointed by Landon’s divorce, and daddy this year, when she asked him for more funds), it is seeming as if Landon came back to the south to land a man, namely Shep Rose. But in the meantime, Landon needs a way to make some money (in addition to what she is paid by pal Whitney and Bravo for Southern Charm).

But Bravo breaks down the comparison between Southern Charm’s Landon and Real Housewives of New York’s Sonja Morgan, and whether Landon is the Southern Charm cast’s Sonja, who is trying to launch a “travel and leisure meets ladies who lunch” site without actually putting together the site. The comparison came up after Monday’s Southern Charm, when Landon’s “friend” Lockhart Steele of Vox Media came down from New York to see what sort of progress Landon had made launching her travel and leisure website in order to get financing from angel investors.

Landon handed Steele printouts, presumably of sample pages, and Steele explained for the second time that Landon had missed the mark, and he wanted to see an actual product to review, and perhaps present to investors, and not simply pages. Landon explained last week to her sister that she just wanted to contribute content and wanted “someone else” to do the website and the technical work. Unfortunately for Landon, it doesn’t work that way, and her intended web travel magazine Roam would have lots of competition from bigger names that employ professional writers.

Southern Charm fans took to Twitter to point out Landon’s lack of focus has officially made her “the Sonja of Southern Charm.”

“Puppies, no focus, and proprietor of random imaginary businesses @ClementsLandon is The Sonja Morgan of

But Sonja Morgan came to Landon’s rescue, claiming that Landon is “young and beautiful,” and Landon was grateful for the support.

Tamara Tattles revealed that after Landon’s first embarrassing meeting with Lockhart Steele on Southern Charm, one would have thought she would have been better prepared for a second go-round, perhaps to lock down some success. TT refers to Landon’s project as a “dumb idea” and can’t understand why the show would have allowed a “second ridiculous presentation.” But there it was, and fans everywhere were uncomfortable for Landon as she sat there, all dolled up, to get rejected yet again.

But Bravo is revealing that since being rejected by Lockhart Steele and Vox Media, Landon has finally buckled down, found a partner, and created something online to show to fans in the form of Roam, which is a travel blog.

“Shep and I are heading down to a wedding on Virgin Gorda on Wednesday and that will be the next location we roam to.”

That’s interesting, Landon roaming with Shep from Southern Charm. Landon is promising to share more of her trips with fans soon.

Do you think that Landon is the Sonja of Southern Charm?

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