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Massachusetts Family Of Four Arrested In Westford Marijuana Oil Raid

A Westford, Massachusetts, family of four was arrested in a marijuana drug lab raid. Two other people were also arrested in connection with the marijuana oil raid at the upscale suburban home.

During the Westford drug lab raid on Wednesday, Bradley Heath Sr., 63, Bradley Heath Jr., 22, Diana Heath, 61, Linley Heath, 28, Lyndsey Holsten, 20, and Prachi Joglekar, 22, were arrested. Holsten is Bradley Heath Jr.’s girlfriend and Joglekar is a friend of Linley Heath, the Daily Mail reports.

Massachusetts police officers raided the 3,855-square-foot home after receiving a tip that drugs were being manufactured inside. The Heath home is reportedly worth about $830,000.

When Westford police investigators raided the Heath home, they were met with an “overwhelming odor” coming from the basement, CBS News Boston reports. About $29,000 worth of drugs were reportedly found inside the lavish home.

The Heath family and friends have been accused of making marijuana oil inside their home. The illegal substance is also commonly referred to as hash oil, wax, or dabs. The oil is reportedly created by running butane through cannabis to extract the THC to make a honey-like substance, which can be four times more potent than typical marijuana.

Middlesex District Attorney Marian Ryan said the marijuana oil drug lab inside the Heath home compromised both the safety and the security of their neighbors.

Due to the amount of highly flammable butane oil found in the basement, the bomb squad was called in to help with the search of the home, according to a report by the Boston Globe.

Westford Police Captain Victor Neal said marijuana oil labs are becoming a lot more common, adding that the alleged Heath family lab was the first known operation of its type in the city. Neal also stated hash oil labs have been known to cause house explosions.

DEA agents and local police officials reportedly believe the Heath family was making the marijuana oil inside their home and then selling it under the name Gold Street Extracts.

Diana and Bradley Heath Sr. claim they did not know hash oil was being made on the property, according to a statement by their defense attorneys. A lawyer representing both Bradley Heath Jr. and Lyndsey Holsten pointed out they both carried valid medical marijuana cards.

In 2013, 22-year-old Heath was reportedly arrested for distributing LSD. On Holsten’s blog, she reportedly shared multiple photos of both marijuana and related drug paraphernalia. There were no photos of herself with cannabis posted to the online journal. Prachi Joglekar reportedly “liked” marijuana pages on Facebook. None of the social media interactions by either Joglekar or Holsten are illegal.

All the members of the Heath family and the friends of their adult children pleaded not guilty when they appeared together in court yesterday. The charges levied against them include the possession and manufacturing of marijuana and engaging in a conspiracy to break drug laws.

Bail was set for Bradley Heath Sr., Diana Heath, Linley Heath, and Joglekar at $500 cash each. Holston’s bail was set at $1,000 cash.

Bradley Heath Jr. was also charged with intent to distribute a Class D substance, possession of a Class B substance, and driving with a suspended license. He was being held on multiple bail amounts on the various charges. He was ultimately denied bail due to probation violations.

The Westford drug raid suspects will be back in court to address the charges levied against them on June 27.

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