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Cape Cod Beaches Closed Due To Great White Shark Sightings

shark attacks

The sharks are getting a little too close for comfort around Cape Cod. Several Cap Cod beaches will be closed this Labor Day weekend due to shark sightings in the area.

Cape Cod Online reports that the Orleans Parks and Recreation Superintendent Paul Fulcher announced today that there would be no swimming at beaches in Cape Cod this weekend. The situation will be reassessed next week to determine if the swimming ban will be lifted.

The closure comes a day after several great white sharks were spotted just south of Nauset Beach.

WCVB reports that three sharks were spotted in Orleans and four more were seen in Chatham. One of the sharks was apparently swimming within 15 feet of the shore.

The number of great white sharks near Cape Cod has grown in recent years due to the high number of seals in the area.

Last week, a Rhode Island family vacationing in Cape Cod captured a video of a great white shark feeding on a seal off the coast of Monomoy Island.

Do you think officials made the right decision to close Cape Cod beaches? We all know what happens when greedy mayors decide to keep beaches open despite shark attacks in the area.

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8 Responses to “Cape Cod Beaches Closed Due To Great White Shark Sightings”

  1. Matt Penna

    It isn't right to close a beach due to shark sightings. If you want to go swimming, you should be permitted to due so. The ocean is the wilderness, not a man-made structure.

  2. Paul Crandall

    Where is Chief Brody when you need him… I bet you if that damned Mayor of Amity were around, he would force them to open the beach… Only to have that kid on the raft get eaten all over again…. Farewell and adieu to you fair Spanish ladies. Farewell and adieu you ladies of Spain. For we've just received orders for or sail back to Boston, and never amore will we see you again.

  3. Jennifer Cassidy Ruddle

    I think they need a bigger boat. ( as an aside….. My dad insisted mike and I take sailing lesson at the halifax yacht club immediately after seeing the movie. I was terrified. lmao)

  4. Jason Adams

    Respect these mighty predators and let common sense dictate the rule of the day…if someone wants to jump in with them and bank on not being mistaken for a seal then by all means…this is what evolution is all about :)

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