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Michigan Powerball Winner Talks About $337 Million Winnings

michigan powerball lottery winner

Michigan Powerball winner Donald Lawson isn’t working the midnight shift anymore, he’s still going to eat at McDonald’s, and he’s upset with Uncle Sam for taking a cut of his winnings.

Lawson said that the first thing he did after he realized that he won $337 million was call his boss and tell him that he wouldn’t be coming in for his midnight shift. And who can blame him? The newly retired railroad engineer is approximately $158 million richer.

MLive reports that Lawson decided to take a lump sum payout of $224 million. Uncle Sam will take about $60 million from that payout.

Lawson joked: “I’m kinda pissed at Uncle Sam.”

Lawson said that he knows that his life is going to change now that he’s a millionaire but he’s confident that he’ll still be the same person.

Lawson said:

“I’m a millionaire now but I’ll still eat McDonald’s. I don’t like filet mignon.”

In addition to all the McDonald’s he wants to eat, Lawson said that he was going to take care of his family. Lawson said that he told his brothers and sisters to retire immediately so that they can enjoy the rest of their lives.

Lawson will also “travel the world” and help his girls go to college.

Yahoo reports that this is the seventh largest jackpot in U.S. history. The largest jackpot, $656 million, was won by three winners playing the Mega Millions lottery.

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3 Responses to “Michigan Powerball Winner Talks About $337 Million Winnings”

  1. Lauren Starr

    Telling his siblings/family to retire, saying he's going to put his kids through college & travel is generous, but just plain dumb. He had up to a year to claim the money, which means he could have had the ticket validated, gotten a CPA & attorney to help his to plan out a workable strategy for the future. Putting money into trust funds for his siblings, daughters would allow them to receive a monthly amount from the interest earned on the deposit. Locking the deposit till they are a certain age would make sure that they don't "blow" it also. Then if he's savvy, which he most likely isn't, he'd get passports for himself and those that want them.
    If the daughters go to college in Europe they will be educated abroad and for free. They'd also get free health care & better chances at work, the higher taxes guarantee these benefits for all. Also there are places around the world, from Belize, Panama, Italy, Ecuador & more where he could live like a king on less than $800-2,000/month depending on where he chose to stay. That budget includes rent, utilities, a maid/cook & gardener, high speed internet, medical insurance & top of the line medical care, dining out at 5 star restaurants & traveling. From the seaside white sands of Panama to the exotic greenery of Ecuador to the excitement of adventure in Europe or a lazy island escape in the Bahamas. He could have the paperwork done to have a corporate CD or two (4.5 million down per cd) and let it sit for 30 years – it will earn him about $250-330k a year in interest for each CD. After 30 years he still has the original deposit. That is how you beat the system that tries to hex you after a big money win.
    BUT more than likely this guy will fall to the same foolishness that most of the others fall into… they just don't have the mindset to deal with it properly and don't get the people that could help them involved in time.

    I wish that I could win a lump like that, I'd really like to set things up for my family. By doing the above I'd be secure knowing that even after I'm gone, they would all be taken care of and not have to be so worried about things. I'd even set up a fund to help others that needed it…a hand up to help them get their life back on track – not a hand out, just a helping hand. Making people dependent doesn't help them in the long run… independence & skill makes one self sufficient if they can get a leg up… Shame he didn't wait to announce things till the paperwork was done…would have taken all of about 3 months tops… then he'd have been set for life.

    Hard for a loner to have to deal with this – he's going to be picked clean by the buzzards in no time.

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