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WWE News: WWE Possibly Using Brock Lesnar Deal To Bring UFC Star Ronda Rousey In For ‘WrestleMania 33’

With the major announcement that WWE Superstar Brock Lesnar will be appearing on a stacked UFC 200 card to face Mark Hunt, it goes without saying that things have gotten interesting in the worlds of both WWE and UFC. Clearly UFC won a lot with the Lesnar deal here, as they may break PPV numbers due to bringing him in. While this could have already happened due to the card, Lesnar’s appearance almost assures the company will break records.

According to various sources, Brock Lesnar did not have a clause written into his deal that allowed him to take a fight. WWE Chairman Vince McMahon met with Lesnar over the idea of him fighting again, and the UFC was able to come to some sort of deal with the WWE. Of course, we do not know what that means. Some assumed this was WWE’s way of paying the UFC back for the Ronda Rousey appearance at WrestleMania 31.

However, that is not likely. She didn’t wrestle, and only had a slightly physical appearance when she threw Triple H and put Stephanie McMahon in an arm lock. This was supposed to hopefully lead to a showdown with McMahon down the line, or at least with one of the female WWE Superstars. However, UFC President Dana White was heavily against her wrestling with the WWE. Rightfully so, as she could get hurt and miss too much time away from the company.

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Before her loss, Ronda Rousey was one of the top draws in MMA. She has not fought since. Before this however, she was one of the most popular athletes in the world. Her face was recognizable all over the world and her appeal exceeded the sport she loved. This allowed movie and television roles to come in. Despite her loss, the Rousey brand has not fallen down too hard, as she is still set for major roles in Hollywood. This very well could include WWE.

Many have assumed that the UFC and WWE came to some sort of agreement that allowed for some UFC stars to wrestle with WWE off and on, if they were interested. Currently, it appears that UFC Women’s Strawweight Paige VanZant may appear at WWE SummerSlam. WWE reached out to her manager and it seems there is some interest on her part, as well. As of now, nothing is set in stone for her appearance, but it would be good to see.

However, the company truly wants to bring Ronda Rousey back. Her appearance was beloved, and it is no secret that Rousey is a huge WWE fan. Her “Rowdy” nickname was in honor of the late “Rowdy” Roddy Piper, who was a friend of Rousey’s. He gave her permission to use the nickname, which was a big deal for Ronda. She even dedicated a fight to him when he passed away suddenly.

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According to Forbes, WWE is trying to angle the Lesnar usage in UFC to bring Ronda Rousey in for a match, possibly at WrestleMania 33. While VanZant might be a big easier to bring in due to the fact that UFC wants to make her a bigger star than she is now, WWE wants Rousey simply because she is a huge attraction right now. On top of this, the WWE fans already love Ronda and know she is a big fan of the WWE. It seems that Dana White would have signed off on VanZant easily compared to Rousey before the Lesnar deal. This is mainly because of the fact that he knows he could risk a huge investment if Rousey were to get hurt in any way inside a WWE ring.

While she is more likely to get hurt in the UFC octagon, you never know what can happen. Now that UFC made the Brock Lesnar deal, it seems like Ronda Rousey could wrestle with the WWE at least off and on. If she has interest in doing so, WWE would have her in as much as they could. However, the most likely time we would see her next would be WrestleMania time.

It seems the Brock Lesnar deal more than likely opened a lot of things up for the WWE in regards to using UFC fighters. White may allow his fighters to go over to the WWE off and on if he knows he can get a major attraction like Lesnar in the process. Really, it is a win/win for both promotions, and each one gets something major out of the deal if they agreed to such a thing.

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