‘Nashville’ Very Close To Sealing A Deal To Continue On CMT

Fans were shocked to hear the news about Nashville being canceled, and they are really hoping that news will come out soon that it has been picked up by someone else. Fans of Nashville have been working hard and trying to get the show picked up by another network or a streaming site. Now EW is sharing the news that Nashville is very close to finding a new home on CMT. This would be great news for the fans!

Right now, Nashville is working on a deal with CMT, but something with Hulu is involved as well. It sounds like it would be available on Hulu, but new episodes would air on CMT. This would give fans of Nashville more than one option of where they could watch the show. CMT has a few of their own shows, but Nashville would by far be their biggest show. Sweet Home Alabama used to air there, but they haven’t renewed this show. They have a few other shows like Party Down South and the new Billy Ray Cyrus show Still the King.

Warning: Season 4 spoilers ahead!

At the end of Season 4 on Nashville, Juliette Barnes was actually missing as her plane could not be located. Juliette and Avery seemed like they were about to get back together, but then they ended up not being able to reunite as it turned out that Juliette never landed.

The fans of Nashville were really shocked to hear that this show was canceled and that they left the Nashville fans with a huge cliffhanger. A few others got their happy ending, but Nashville fans want to know what is going on with Juliette Barnes.

The fact that they are trying to put Nashville on another network is not shocking, but most of the time when shows try this, it doesn’t work out. Longmire was able to find a home on Netflix after cancellation, and fans of Nashville thought that is where it could end up as well. Community also got picked up after cancellation. This did give fans hope that Nashville would come back again.

Enstarz shared that fans of Nashville are doing everything that they can to get the show back and even have a petition going to save Nashville. They already have over 171,000 signatures on the petition and it is gaining about 1,000 new signatures a day. The fans want Nashville back, and it really does look like they may be able to pull it off. Lionsgate Television Chairman Kevin Beggs spoke out not long ago about the hopes that Nashville would come back again.

“We want to thank creator Callie Khouri and showrunner Dee Johnson for their inspiration and guidance through tonight’s exciting season finale, and know that more of the Nashville story is waiting to be told.”

TV Line actually shared some of the details about how it will go down if Nashville was to end up returning. TV vets Marshall Herskovitz and Ed Zwick are set to take the showrunner reins in Season 5, replacing Dee Johnson. This was the plan anyway, and so Nashville will be changing things up when it returns for Season 5 if it all works out. There is no word on whether all actors and actresses would be back on Nashville, but fans are very hopeful that everyone would return for one more season at least. Nashville just wouldn’t be the same without some of them.

Are you excited to hear that Nashville might end up coming back on CMT? Are you hopeful for another season of the show? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts. Nashville fans are really excited at the idea that the show could end up being back for Season 5 on CMT.

[Photo by Rob Kim/Getty Images]