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Tanning Mom Booted From Her Own Roast For Drunken Antics [Video]

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Patricia Krentcil, the woman widely known as the “Tanning Mom,” was reportedly removed from a roast in her honor this week after she was so drunk she couldn’t stand up.

According to the NY Post, Krentcil was in New York Wednesday for “Tan Mom at Hot Mess,” her very own roast at a drag queen show in Hell’s Kitchen.

During the event, the sienna-tinged mother of five was kicked off the stage after she began swearing at the audience and attempted to physically attack the drag queen host, Bianca Del Rio.

Ever the good sport, Del Rio tried her best to go on with the show, but was unable to get Krentcil to stop shouting “I never took my daughter into a tanning bed!”

(For those of you in the dark, Krentcil was arrested back in April on a second-degree child endangerment charge when she allegedly took her six-year-old tanning.)

“We came up with a code word earlier,” Del Rio told The New York Post. It was ‘Christmas.’ After about five minutes, we were just screaming ‘Christmas,’ and security came and took her out.”

Video of Tanning Mom Patricia Krencil’s early exit from her own roast can be seen below.

Since making headlines in May, Krentcil, 44, has been the inspiration for a “tanorexic” doll manufactured by HeroBuilders, according to CBS.

The leathery skinned mom was also in the pages of In Touch magazine earlier this month, posing without her trademark tan after the magazine challenged her to go without tanning for a month, CBS notes.

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8 Responses to “Tanning Mom Booted From Her Own Roast For Drunken Antics [Video]”

  1. Cecilia Barton

    Okay – leave this lady alone – PLEASE!

    Why did they let this lady get that drunk (perhaps because it benefited their cause to make money off of her?)? I don't think that she had any idea of what this roast was going to be like. She obviously has problems – now she is being ostracized by the press and made fun of by anyone who talks about the topic on TV or the Internet.

    Yeah, you can call me on having clicked on the story to read the latest about this woman – and I am guilty as charged – she story does peek people's interest.

    That said, this roast goes too far – – I don't think anyone at this roast is concerned about her daughter – they were only concerned with selling tickets and ENTERTAINING their audience – which as the one drag queen said, "she sold out the house!" — so they accomplished their money making goal.

    But this certainly wan not entertaining to watch – no one seems concerned about this woman's emotional state. Even if she did take her daughter into a tanning booth – which I really don't think she did – but, even if she did, she doesn't deserve this!

    BTW…in my opinion, her daughter was too fair skinned on the taped news interviews to have been in a tan booth – and in this video she is roaring drunk – yet she still states repeatedly that she didn't take her daughter into the booth! If nothing else this video convinces me even more that she is innocent of having abused her daughter with ultra-violet rays!

    What end result does the press and those giving her this Roast want? Because the end result for her daughter and family could be worse than it was – before they had a Mom with self-esteem issues – now they have a Mom with those same issues magnified x 100! Let these people be — so they can deal with their own issues — be it in the courts and at home.

  2. Anonymous

    1 Fifth, 1 pack of Marboros and 5 children…. all were missing here is a double wide & a brother named Cledus.

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