Megyn Kelly Attacks Donald Trump For First Time Since Debate [Video]

Megyn Kelly Discusses Donald Trump’s Statements On Show [Video]

Megyn Kelly discussed Donald Trump’s statements with guests on her show. After Donald Trump lost a battle in court for his Trump University lawsuit, he made some comments about the judge that were slightly heinous to say the least.

The first order of business on the Megyn Kelly show last night was originally supposed to be about House Speaker Paul Ryan. But after Donald Trump made a few comments to the Wall Street Journal about Federal Judge Gonzalo Curiel, Kelly quickly reorganized her show with just a few hours to prepare.

Trump had said that Curiel had no business overseeing a case against him because he is a Mexican. But that could not be further from the truth, given that Gonzalo was born in Indiana, but his parents are Mexican.

Megyn Kelly came out with guns blazing on her Thursday night show on Fox News, according to Vanity Fair. Kelly was quick to point out that even though Donald Trump has a lawsuit against him in federal court, that does not give him the right to handpick a judge that might be more likely to rule in his favor on the case.

What was immediately clear about Megyn Kelly’s intent on the show was to expose Donald Trump for his reprehensible behavior in the media, citing his comments to the Wall Street Journal. Kelly also told her guests on the show that Donald Trump’s comments were “out of line” and that those who are supporting what he said cannot truly believe their justifications.

What seemed to particularly fire Megyn Kelly up was when Trump said, “I’m building a wall… It’s an inherent conflict of interest,” referring to Gonzalo Curiel presiding over his court case.

Previously, back in May, Megyn Kelly had seemingly mended fences with Donald Trump over the long feud they had throughout the entire primary season, which started on the very first GOP debate when Kelly asked him about his treatment of women. Trump had taken that personally and said that Kelly did not treat him fairly on the debate, which led to other harsh criticisms he fired at Kelly on social media.

But there is one thing that is for sure and that’s the fact that Megyn Kelly is a news anchor, first and foremost. If Donald Trump is going to say or do something stupid, then Kelly is going to report on it with reasonable truth, and tremendous force, you might add.

“The man (Federal Judge Gonzalo Curiel) is not Mexican. His parents are Mexican. He was born in Indiana. He has no conflict of interest. Now Trump is saying the judge needs to be investigated, someone should look into him, just because he’s ruled against Trump in this case repeatedly,” Kelly said on her Fox News show. “That doesn’t make you biased. It doesn’t. Trump continues to attack a sitting federal judge who, by the way, did a lot to fight the drug cartels when he was a prosecutor, based on his ethnicity, suggesting he has an inherent conflict of interest because of his heritage. A Hispanic cannot judge a case against me, that’s what he’s saying.”

What was perhaps the most revealing moment for Megyn Kelly on her show was when she simply said that Curiel poses no conflict of interest to the case against Donald Trump. It also seems very coincidental that Trump would use those accusations following a series of setbacks against him — those same setbacks that have landed him deeper into the abyss of the lawsuit, all presided over by Curiel.

Megyn Kelly also cited that Gonzalo Curiel has a very accomplished career practicing law. When he was a prosecutor, Kelly said that he fought the cartels and has served in the capacity of federal judge now for four years.

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