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Texas Teacher Who Got Pregnant By 13-Year-Old Student Posts Bail

Texas teacher Alexandria Vega turned herself to the authorities following the issuance of her warrant of arrest in relation to her alleged sexual relations with a student. She was a former English instructor at the Stovall Middle School.

On Wednesday, the 24-year-old middle school worker appeared before the Montgomery County court, where she posted a $100,000 bail bond, WGN TV reported. The Sheriff’s spokesperson, Brady Fitzgerald, said that she was released after that.

ABC 13 reported that when the Texas teacher was asked about the charges, she only said “no comment.” The inquiry happened right after she posted bail and as she was leaving the jail. Vega also relayed that she already has legal representation.

According to the complaint, the investigation began when Elsa Wright, the school principal, got a tip that the Texas teacher was “having an inappropriate relationship with a student.”

When Wright asked Vega about it, the instructor allegedly admitted that her sexual relationship with the boy began in September 2015. He was under 14 years old at that time.

Allegedly, the Texas teacher and the boy met at the summer school session last year. Vega found him to be rude in the beginning, but he, later on, asked for her Instagram name. She said that while she didn’t give the details, he was able to find her account anyway. Vega claims she rejected the request, though.

When regular school began, the boy was assigned to one of Vega’s English classes. He then began flirting and saying inappropriate things, and she told him to stop. However, the flirtations continued.

The Texas teacher recounted that in September, the student didn’t show up for class, and she got worried. Vega then reached out to him to remind the boy of an assignment. The said correspondence eventually led him to ask for her number.

The student then asked if they could hang out, to which she replied yes. Vega then picked him up and they drove around. It was at that time when they first kissed. The following day, she went over to his house, as his parents were not home. They had sex for the first time that day, which happened late in September last year.

During a school open house in October, Vega met her student’s parents. She claimed that “the parents were accepting of their relationship and she was even invited to family gatherings after that point.”

Vega admitted that she and the boy would have sex almost every day at her home. The Texas teacher also claimed that they love each other.

The relationship eventually led to her becoming pregnant in January. His family was allegedly “very supportive and excited about the baby.” Nevertheless, she opted to have an abortion after Child Protection Service showed up in school in February to talk to her and the boy.

At that point, the Texas teacher gave her mobile phone and “consented to a digital search.” During forensic analysis, text messages found therein proved to be consistent with the disclosure Vega made.

Meanwhile, the Harris County District Attorney’s Office said that if indeed the parents have knowledge about their relationship, they will also be facing legal consequences. The boy’s mother and father may be held liable for failing to report child abuse.

The Aldine ISD, on the other hand, said that they have been made aware of the charges the former Texas teacher is facing. Vega was immediately “removed from the school and placed on administrative leave” after they learned about the matter in April.

It went on to say that “the safety and security of Aldine ISD’s students and staff remains a priority of the school district.”

WFAA noted that this is not the first time a teacher at Stovall Middle School has been accused of having improper sexual relations with a student. Two years ago, Felicia Smith was sacked from her position after she gave a lap dance to a 15-year-old pupil as his birthday present. She was eventually charged and sentenced to three years probation.

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