‘Arrow’: Katrina Law Discusses Olicity Fan Rage, Season 5 To Have New Vigilante, And Stephen Amell Says No ‘Green Arrow’ Film

Arrow Season 4 has ended, and on a surprisingly positive note. Though, it is likely that there is a legion of fans that disagree, it gave many Arrow fans what they wanted. Arrow is finally Green Arrow, he is mayor of Star City, and he is mostly solo. Olicity, however, still remains a thing on CW’s Arrow. This is likely the biggest issue for fans, but according to Comicbook,Arrow‘s Katrina Law finds the Olicity rage amusing.

“One of my favorite things was when Nyssa came back on the scene and she kept calling Oliver ‘husband.’ And I knew online there was going to be this outrage. I kept getting these tweets being like ‘No, stay away from him!’ ‘No, Olicity forever!’ and I’d just be like ‘bwahahaha.’ Oh, no! Did she just say ‘husband’ again?! So that was a lot of fun.”

Unlike Arrow‘s Stephen Amell, the eternal optimist, Katrina Law recognizes the fan hatred of Olicity. Arrow Season 5, however, isn’t focused on Olicity. The CW show’s next season will feature a new vigilante for the Green Arrow to deal with, and the show hasn’t really had a serious “other vigilante” since Wildcat showed up in Season 3.

Granted, there is little information thus far, but Arrow fans will have a few key words to work with.

A “Cocksure/reckless ex-marine turned vigilante” will take Wildcat’s place as the new vigilante of Star City. We also know that Oliver Queen’s recent ascent to Mayor of Star City will have a lot to do the new vigilante, and the direction of season. Arrow showrunner Wendy Mericle said as much by stating that “City Hall, that institution, is crucial to our series.” Though the Season 5 Big Bad didn’t show up in the season 4 finale, as the Inquisitr reported and Stephen Amell stated as such, it did reveal an important component to the whole next season.

Will the new vigilante become a new Team Arrow member or a villain? It has yet to be reported. Speaking of villains and Big Bads, Arrow Season 5 has a villain, and his name is Anton Church. He is described as “an apex predator that cuts his way through the shadows,” whom aims for the “biggest threat first.” Church was also compared to a drug kingpin on The Wire. Okay, so the name is a placeholder, but the descriptions are who this character is. Can you guess who he is from the Green Arrow‘s rogue gallery?

Speaking of the Green Arrow, the CW show has finally reached the point where they have called him that, instead of The Vigilante, The Hood, or The Arrow. The DCTV Universe is separate from the DC Cinematic Universe, so with all the other DC Comics characters funneling in from the pages of the Justice League comics, one might ask when the Emerald Archer will be joining them.

The Flash has already joined the DC Cinematic Universe, albeit without Grant Gustin, but is the Green Arrow graduating too? Stephen Amell says, though he doesn’t make those decisions, that his sources say it doesn’t look good.

“Well, it has become easier to take properties on television and turn them into films. But I don’t know, those are things that exist outside [of my control]. I’ve spoken with people within DC and they’ve said there’s no plan to bring the Green Arrow character to the cinematic universe, but things change.”

Green Arrow’s ascent to the big screen being delayed seems to make some sense, since many Arrow fans have become disenfranchised, which could have a negative effect on the money that the studios are hoping to make from the film. A Green Arrow film could abandon the DCTV show actors entirely, which could work, but then any Stephen Amell as the Green Arrow fans could jump ship as well.

The Justice League films are a ways off, so DC Entertainment will have to make some decisions on who is in, and who is out. Hopefully, fans will be happy.

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]