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‘You May Now Kill The Bride’: Lifetime Movie — Obsessed Stepsister To Kill Bride For Groom, Starring Ashley Newbrough, Tammin Sursok

You May Now Kill The Bride is a suspenseful new movie that is set to premiere on Lifetime this weekend. You May Now Kill The Bride, which was originally titled The Stepsister, is directed by Kohl Glass and written by Blaine Chiappetta. It stars Tammin Sursok as Audrey, Ashley Newbrough as Nicole, Rocky as Mark, Jaci Twiss as Rachel, Shannon Engemann as Catherine, Aubrey Reynolds as Celine, Carlton Bluford as Charlie, and Liz Chapman as Coordinator, as listed at the Internet Movie Database (IMDb).

You May Now Kill The Bride (The Stepsister) Inquisitr’s Movie Synopsis

Mark and Nicole have been dating for a while, and Mark has finally professed his love for her. Handsome and talented, Mark seems like the perfect guy, and Nicole is more than thrilled when he finally asks for her hand in marriage. After Mark symbolizes his love with a big beautiful diamond, it’s obvious that Nicole is more important to him than anyone else in the world. But what Nicole doesn’t know is that Mark has a stepsister named Audrey who has just shown up to town to help out with the wedding. Without any close relatives of her own, Audrey seems nice at first, just like the sister Nicole never had.

Although she cannot be trusted, Nicole thinks she’s found a caring friend in Audrey and begins to confide in her about Mark. However, Audrey is taking notes and plans on using every detail she learns about Nicole and Mark’s relationship during their “girl-talk” sessions to her advantage. Her aim is to make the blushing bride feel more like a third wheel than a beloved fiancee.

Problems set in when Nicole sees a photo of Mark with a stripper shortly before their nuptials, causing her to doubt whether they should get married. Plus, other negative things start happening that seem to be designed to end the happy couple’s love connection — and Audrey is behind it. But there is someone who is on to Audrey — it’s Nicole’s close friend, who plans on revealing everything she has learned about Audrey’s dangerous past before Mark and Nicole’s dream wedding is ruined for good.

Lifetime’s You May Now Kill The Bride (aka The Stepsister) seems like a good movie to kick off the June wedding season. Unlike most of Lifetime’s movies, this one does not seem to be based on any true story. Take a look at the movie trailer below.

Here are some other movies that are similar to this one

  • Clueless — The stepsister falls head over heels for her stepbrother.
  • Cruel Intentions — The stepbrother wants to get his stepsister in bed.
  • My Best Friend’s Wedding — The wedding groom’s female best friend secretly wants to be the bride.

Stepbrother-Stepsister Romantic Relationships

Falling in love with a stepbrother is not as far-fetched as it seems. Taking a look around the web, there are many true stories of women confessing and professing their passionate desire for their stepbrothers.

A Bizarre True Story

In scouring some old newspaper articles, there was an article in the Victoria Advocate that described the tragic murder of a Navy sailor who was gunned down in front of his bride by a jealous rival.

The murder happened in 1959. [Image via Generator]

You May Now Kill The Bride was filmed in Salt Lake City, Utah, and produced by Narrator Entertainment and MarVista Entertainment. Sharon Bordas and Fernando Szew executive produced the Lifetime movie with John Burd as co-executive producer.

About The Cast, according to IMDB

Tammin Sursok was born on August 19, 1983 in Johannesburg, South Africa as Tammin Pamela Sursok. She is an actress and writer, known for Home and Away (1988), The Young and the Restless (1973) and Aquamarine (2006). She has been married to Sean McEwen since August 24, 2011. They have one child.”

Ashley Newbrough was born on October 13, 1987 in Newport, Rhode Island, USA as Ashley Elizabeth Ann Newbrough. She is an actress, known for Love Under the Stars (2015),Privileged (2008) and Even the Brave (2011).”

Don’t miss You May Now Kill The Bride, which airs this Saturday, June 4, at 8 p.m. on Lifetime. Previously, the Inquisitr wrote about two more Lifetime movies: Running For Her Life and The Maid.

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