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More Proof That Lionel Messi Is The Best Athlete In The World [Video]

Lionel Messi Scores Amazing Goal

We know Lionel Messi is superior to his competition, and every now and again he does something truly remarkable to remind us exactly how much better he is than his fellow soccer players.

Two early goals from Real Madrid gave his competition a 4-3 lead on aggregate in the Supercopa de Espana when Barcelona midfielder Adriano was sent off for an American football tackle on Cristiano Ronaldo. That is the point when Messi stepped up and did what he does best, scored a goal on a crazy hard kick that stunned his spectators.

Just before halftime, Lionel Messi stepped up for a free kick from a decent distance. Curling the ball around the wall, Messi’s shot on goal sailed pass Real Madrid keeper Iker Casillas with pinpoint accuracy.

While that goal ended up as the last tie and Real Madrid went on to win the Supercopa on away goals, it’s once again Messi who stole the show, even during a loss.

The win marks the first time Real Madrid has won the Supercopa since its victory in 2008. The two teams will face off against one another in the Clasico on October 7.

Last season, Lionel Messi scored a world-record 73 goals; apparently he didn’t get the memo allowing him to slow down a bit. Messi has scored six goal in his first four matches with Barcelona this season.

In the meantime, here is the Lionel Messi goal against Real Madrid:

Do you think Lionel Messi is on his way to breaking last seasons 73 goal record?

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4 Responses to “More Proof That Lionel Messi Is The Best Athlete In The World [Video]”

  1. Tashif Hoda

    Do you watch football Mr. author, I don't think so. This article is just a piece crap coming from the Gospel of Messi written by messi fans themselves. Fancy mentioning the backheel flick from Cristiano Ronaldo which opened up the goal for him in the same match. I am not trying to say Messi's goal wasn't the best of the match, it was indeed brilliant. All I'm saying is that it was Cristiano Ronaldo who was playing better and it was him who stole the show.

  2. Danilla Moshi

    Shut up fagot..Ronaldo had no part in Madrids victory besidestthe goal..the difference between them is that when Ronaldo goes past a player you guys go nuts..when.Messi goes by 5 players its normal.

  3. Primrose Makumbirofa Chirunga

    @tashif hoda. ahem.. its surprising how you chastise the writer over what he thought and yet you go on to write what YOU think..1st of all whether you like it or not cristiano will never play better than messi on any day even if messi is having an 'off' day. only madrid fans and barca haters (most who cant decide if its messi they actually hate or barca) think that cristiano plays better than messi, truth is there's noone else to compare to messi and cristiano is the only thing the rest of the footballing world can offer to keep the sport interesting, I don't know which you are really, a madrid fan or cristiano fanboy cz higuain actually had a better game than cristiano cz he was involved more, too bad he missed a coupla chances but that's the thing isn't it that even when cristiano makes 5 touches a game he still plays 90min if benzema didn't play half a game everytime he'd outscore cristiano but ofcoz cristiano steals the show cz sometimes he actually disappears…

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