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Today’s fake celebrity death rumor: Justin Bieber Dead


It’s the weekend, and that means its time for a fake celebrity death rumor and today’s comes to us from singer Justin Bieber.

According to reports attributed to TMZ, Bieber committed suicide July 31 at the age of 15 in his native Ontario. The rumor doesn’t include any more details that we can find, such as how Bieber killed himself.

Given there’s nothing on TMZ about Bieber dying, and absolutely nothing from Bieber’s management, Canadian media…or anyone for that matter, we’re calling wacky weekend rumor with no basis.

Justin Bieber is not dead, Justin Bieber has not died, Justin Bieber has not committed suicide, end of story.

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17 Responses to “Today’s fake celebrity death rumor: Justin Bieber Dead”

  1. raveen

    none died not even miley cyrus or justin beiber are still alive not dead so the rumors are fake not true in other words

  2. justinbieberfan4ever

    ok..few..if he was dead i would ball my eyes out!…

  3. Jillian Bieber

    Im so happy! im so mad at guest on january 4, 2010! he did not die! im sure that person is the one who spreaded it! its ppl lik u tht makes me feel like ur a jerk in person! i feel bad fer ur family! I knew Justin would never do that! i have faith in him!


    jillian bieber whos ten so no mean comments on this! thx! luv yall justin bieber luvers!

  4. Jillian Bieber

    Why? What did he say to YOU? I can’t believe you met him! What did he say to YOU that made YOU mad, and wanted him dead?

    P.S. Tell me everything he said to you!

  5. Jillian Bieber

    Thats what my friend told me too =[ did not believe her, i have faith in my future husband!

  6. Julia

    Omg. I am just amazed at all the harsh rumors! First a picture of his friend chocking him (The guy in BABY and ONE TIME) which was fake! They we’re playing around. I mean, would he really turn evil on JB? I hope not! Guys, shut up with the comments! Girls, he’s alive! 😀 He’s so cute! Haha, got carried away. XD But if anyone still believes the rumor, is this proof:

    1. Baby was JUST MADE
    2. He admits to (I don’t know the name of the Magazine. So sorry!) Some Magazine, “People have been spreading rumors that I’m dead. I’m here… right? haha! It’s all rumors. All fake.”
    3. If he was dead, then why in every JB magazine it says, “Justin Beiber turns SIXTEEN!”?
    If he was dead, he wouldn’t be HAVING a B-DAY!

    I’m glad he’s not dead! I’m glad it’s all a rumor! STAY HOT AND A GOOD SINGER, JUSTIN BEIBER! 😀

  7. Bieber

    its me the 16 year old sorry my keyboard is messed p

  8. Anonymous

    good justin beiber is fucking fagot that has no life nd is fake as hell. u stupid nigga

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