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What Would Happen To Planet Earth If Humans Disappeared? [Video]

A new viral video claims to show the drastic changes that would happen to the global environment if humans disappeared from Earth.

The video, uploaded online by YouTube channel #Mind Warehouse, on May 24, 2016, purportedly gives a timeline of events that would unfold after humans have disappeared from the planet.

According to the video, a few hours after humans have been wiped off the face of the Earth, electrical power will begin to shut down across the world and cities will be thrown into darkness.

City lights will turn off after fossil fuel power stations run out of fuel and solar panels are unable to absorb energy from solar radiation after being covered in dust.

However, most hydroelectric power stations, such as the Hoover Dam in Black Canyon, on the Arizona-Nevada border, will continue to run without humans.

“On the west of the United States, the generators of Hoover Dam are activated by the water flow from Lake Meade,” the video narrator explains. “Thus, it can be left unattended for several months, or even years.”

Two or three days after humans have disappeared from Earth, underground train systems around the world would become flooded with water after pumps that drain out water break down.

After only about 10 days, most household pets and other domesticated animals, especially animals housed on factory farms around the world that depend on humans to serve them food and water, would have died of starvation.

Billions of chickens, pigs, cattle, and other animals raised on factory farms would perish.

What would happen to Earth if humans are wiped out? [Image via Shutterstock]
However, household pets that are able to gain freedom and move about freely could adapt to the new conditions and fend for themselves.

For instance, dogs could come together to form packs and hunt down smaller animals for survival.

Within a few months after humans disappear from Earth, a series of nuclear disasters on a larger scale than Fukushima and Chernobyl would begin to occur due to cooling water at power stations evaporating completely.

About a year after the disappearance of mankind from Earth, satellites placed in orbit would begin to fall to Earth.

Twenty-five years after humans are wiped out, about three-quarters of the world’s major cities would have become covered with vegetation. However, cities in desert areas, such as Las Vegas and Dubai, would gradually become buried in sand.

Cities taken over by vegetation would attract plant-eating animals. The herbivorous animals will be followed by their carnivorous predators, and gradually cities would become overlaid with thick vegetation with wild animals roaming about.

Buildings constructed mostly from metal, and other structures, such as bridges and towers, would begin to fall apart due to the effect of corrosion.

Although the drastic changes that follow the disappearance of humans from Earth would be terrifying to any person left behind to witness them, nature would eventually find a new equilibrium independent of humans.

A major positive change that would occur is that the air in major cities would become cleaner, being less polluted, and visibility would improve greatly.

After 10,000 years of nature settling down to a new equilibrium without humans meddling, the only visible evidence that human civilization ever existed would be in the form of stone structures, such as the pyramids of Egypt and the Great Wall of China.

The video was created using National Geographic footage and animation from a television series called Life After People, where experts speculated freely about what might happen if mankind disappeared suddenly from Earth.

Incidents that could wipe out humanity from Earth include sudden outbreak of a highly infectious and deadly pandemic. A global pandemic that wipes out humanity could occur, for instance, if a deadly virus engineered by humans in a laboratory escapes into the environment.

An asteroid impact or massive supervolcano eruption that drastically alters the global environment leading to failure of agricultural production could lead to mass starvation that wipes out most of humanity.

A nuclear winter following a major nuclear war or a massive asteroid strike could also wipe out humanity from Earth.

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