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South Carolina Mom Arrested For Giving Preschool Son ‘Shots Of Beer’ At Local Bar

Fort Mill, SC – A South Carolina mom was arrested for allegedly giving her four-year-old son “multiple sips” of beer at a local bar. Gretchen Lynn Kinnear, 44, was charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor after a South Carolina bar waitress and manager claim they saw her giving “shots of beer” to the preschool age child.

Gretchen Kinnear was patronizing McHale’s Irish Pub in Fort Mill, South Carolina on Saturday when the alleged sharing a beer with a young child incident occurred, according to the Charlotte Observer. When Charlotte law enforcement officers arrived on scene, Gretchen Kinnear was spotted at a table with her preschool age son. According to case reports, Kinnear admitted to allowing her four-year-old son to “sample” her beer. The manager and waitress allegedly asked Gretchen Kinnear to stop giving the young child beer in the bar, according to the New York Daily News.

The little boy reportedly told the Charlotte law enforcement officers that his mommy let him have “tea” and that it made him giggle and tasted funny. The child also stated his mother had given him similar tasting “tea” at their home. Gretchen Kinnear also noted she had given her son wine at home after the boy’s statements to police officers. The South Carolina mom also told law enforcement officers that she did not give her four-year-old son alcohol to keep him quiet or to get him drunk.

The reason Gretchen Kinnear gives her preschool age son alcohol is unclear. The child was left in the temporary custody of his babysitters after his mother was arrested for giving him beer at the bar. Kinnear is currently being held at the York County Detention Center.