Donald Trump In Sacramento Rally Stream Live

Watch Donald Trump In Sacramento — Full Replay Of Big Rally: Rough Week For Trump, But Train Rolls On In California

Donald Trump may be having a rough week, but nothing has stopped the Trump Train from rolling into northern California with a huge Trump rally from the state capital of Sacramento on Wednesday night. The rally was held as revelations about his former Trump University business continue to become public, after a judge has ordered documents to be unsealed in the lawsuit against Trump.

Though Trump claimed that his “University,” legitimately taught students how to emulate methods used by Donald Trump himself for investing in real estate, internal Trump University documents released this week showed that the operation emphasized high-pressure sales techniques to recruit paying students, even if they could not afford the supposed school’s tuition fees.

Instead, Trump University sales reps — called “consultants” in Trump University internal training documents — were instructed to pressure prospective clients to run up their credit cards to pay the tuition, saying that the enrollees would “use their success in real estate to pay off the banks in a couple of months or so.”

Nonetheless, Donald Trump continues to campaign undeterred, holding the rally in California despite the fact that, because he is now running unopposed, he will clearly win next Tuesday’s California primary. And, experts generally agree that Trump has no chance to defeat Hillary Clinton in California in the November election, meaning that he may be wasting time and money by appearing in California.

Donald Trump In Sacramento Rally Stream Live Supporters
Donald Trump supporters get emotional about their candidate. [Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images]
In fact, in a new poll released on Wednesday by NBC News, The Wall Street Journal and Marist College showed Clinton with a 24 point lead over Trump in California, pushing Trump’s general election deficit in the state to 15 points in the Real Clear Politics polling average.

Trump also delivered a tirade against the media on Tuesday, blasting press coverage of his charitable donations to veterans’ groups. Watch the entire Donald Trump press conference, in which he addresses questions over his donations to veterans in the video, via the video below.

To watch a full replay of the Donald Trump rally at Sacramento International Airport Jet Center in Sacramento, California, click on the following video.

The criticisms of Trump over his donations to veterans stemmed from a January event staged by Trump in Iowa, when he pulled out of a Fox News debate to protest the presence of Fox anchor Megyn Kelly on the moderators’ panel.

Trump said that the event would raise money for veterans’ groups, and that he would give $1 million of his own cash to veterans’ charities. But, though Trump claimed that the event raised $6 million, nothing was reported as paid to veterans’ charities — or to any charities — until May 24, about five months after the supposed fundraiser.

Trump did not seemingly make his own promised $1 million donation until last week, after he was pressured by reporters following up on Trump’s earlier claims.

“Instead of being like, ‘Thank you very much, Mr. Trump” or, ‘Trump did a good job,’ everyone’s saying, ‘Who got it, who got it, who got it?'” Trump complained in Tuesday’s press conference seen in the video above. “And you make me look very bad. I have never received such bad publicity for doing such a good job.”

Polls also contained bad news for Donald Trump, with a Quinnipiac College poll released on Wednesday continuing to show him trailing Clinton nationally by four percentage points.

In fact, eight consecutive national polls have shown Clinton leading Trump by anywhere from one to five points, since an ABC News/Washington Post poll released on May 20 made national headlines by showing Trump pulling out to a two-point lead.

But, that lead quickly evaporated.


Nonetheless, Donald Trump will keep the Trump Train chugging this week with a rally that will stream live from San Jose, California, on Thursday after Wednesday’s Sacramento event.

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