Elizabeth Warren To Endorse Clinton After DNC, Possible VP

Elizabeth Warren To Endorse Clinton After DNC, Possible VP [Video]

Elizabeth Warren has been furiously attacking GOP nominee Donald Trump over the past several weeks for his consistent rhetoric that seems to denigrate women, Hispanics, African Americans, among others. There has to be a reason Warren has been attacking the GOP so ruthlessly in recent weeks, and that reason is about to become clear.

There is a steadily increasing consensus that Hillary Clinton will be taking the Democratic nomination this year for President even though she has been under attack for her email scandal and the Justice Department could put her under indictment any day now. But besides that, Elizabeth Warren has maintained with steadfast candor that she is going to personally ensure that Donald Trump will never make it to the White House.

That means Warren is taking the fight to Trump through many avenues, which includes holding off on any endorsement for a Democratic nominee until the Democratic National Convention concludes in Philadelphia and the party has a clear candidate for office in November, according to the Washington Post.

As a politician, Elizabeth Warren remains one of the most influential and incorruptible people who hold office today, at least as far as the public can tell. Her legacy precedes her, and as a major party supporter, she is the only likely candidate to make sure the party unifies after months of turmoil in the primary season.

There are so many fans of Elizabeth Warren out there that they eclipse her own home state of Massachusetts, which is the state that sent her to Washington to make the world a better place.

Hillary Clinton has claimed to have a short list of potential running mates in mind, but Elizabeth Warren seemed to be fairly low on the list a month ago. But Clinton’s list seems to be changing now that a delegate victory is on the horizon and Elizabeth Warren is viewed as the only boogeyman that Donald Trump fears, with the exception of Megyn Kelly of course.

With that in mind, Elizabeth Warren and Hillary Clinton may be the main ticket in November following this long and strenuous primary season that has been a major victory for all people on the left, which includes Bernie Sanders and his supporters.

That brings us to the next part of our reasoning. Those people who support Bernie Sanders also support Elizabeth Warren for the same reasons. As a matter of fact, Millenials and others who support the Vermont senator have long advocated for a dream ticket that would feature Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren side by side in the 2016 general election.

In all fairness, it would not look feasible for Hillary Clinton to choose Berne Sanders as a running mate considering all of the bickering the two had done with each other in the primary season. The same thing happened in 2008 when Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were both vying for the Democratic nomination. As liberals could clearly see, Hillary Clinton was not on the ticket in that general election either.

So what would be the next best thing to unify the party and maintain the support of those who follow Bernie Sanders? Well, the obvious choice would be for Hillary Clinton to put Elizabeth Warren on her own ticket as the potential vice president and charge forward in November against Donald Trump with a more unified party, which could include Bernie Sanders supporters in the mix.

With a lion’s share of Sanders’ supporters being Millenials, his revolution would essentially be dead and possibly discourage those Millenials from voting for Hillary Clinton in the general election. But with Elizabeth Warren on the ticket, that would keep the revolution alive in the White House and could change the sentiments of his supporters.

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