utah salt lake city apartment complex facebook friend eviction lease

Utah Tenants Angry After Apartment Complex Orders Them To Like It On Facebook Or Get Evicted

Tenants living in an apartment complex in Salt Lake City, Utah, are not very happy after being forced to “like” something. Some may not see that as being a big deal or even legal, but the complex is now saying that tenants must like the company’s Facebook page or else be found in violation of their current lease.

KSL-TV is reporting that tenants in the City Park Apartments are saying a notice was found taped to all of their doors late last week. The notice is actually titled the “Facebook addendum,” and states that tenants will be violating their lease if they don’t go on Facebook and like the company’s business page in a matter of five days.

Actually, the apartment complex is making it a new lease agreement, and are essentially threatening tenants to be followers on Facebook or get out.

The interesting part of this whole thing is that many tenants are saying they signed their apartment lease agreements months ago. They’re not entirely sure how this “Facebook addendum” can be added in, and the lease changed, when it’s already a binding contract.

Tenant Jason Ring is furious over the new agreement threat and is ready to move out after the final month of his lease passes.

“I don’t want to be forced to be someone’s friend and be threatened to break my lease because of that. It’s outrageous as far as I’m concerned.

“It’s a violation of my privacy.”

In the new agreement from the City Park Apartments, there is even more that is angering tenants. The document taped to their doors included a release to be signed and returned which would allow the complex to post pictures of tenants, as well as their visitors, on the Facebook page.

Many tenants thought the change in the contract was already too much, but are truly drawing the line at having to agree to have their pictures posted online.

utah salt lake city apartment complex facebook friend eviction lease
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The plan of the apartment complex has now started to backfire on them, as the New York Daily News is reporting that their Facebook page has since been bombarded with insults. Unhappy tenants are visiting the page, not to friend or like it, but to bash the complex for their unfair practices.

One tenant felt it necessary to let the complex know who they were acting like.

“Dropping in and giving you one star because you act like a bunch of Nazi’s [sic] with the FB policy you are forcing down residents [sic] throats.”

Zachary Myers is an attorney who specializes in the rights of tenants and he is saying that the new “Facebook addendum” is actually discriminating against many tenants. Myers states that the addendum is possibly discriminating against the “elderly and disabled individuals” who may not even have a Facebook account.

Another point brought up is that any leases signed prior to the change being made may mean that the tenant isn’t forced to abide by it. They also wouldn’t be forced to sign on for the new addition if they’re middle of a current lease.

Apartment complexes don’t often change the leases and agreements of their tenants in the middle of the time they’re required to live there. The Utah tenants upset over the “Facebook addendum” being added to their leases and breaching their lease really do have some valid arguments over feeling violated. With cries of discrimination now coming up, the Salt Lake City complex may have to look at changing or backing off of their new demands.

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