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Madonna Booed At Philadelphia Concert After Taking Stage Hours Late

Madonna Booed At Philadelphia Concert After Taking Stage Hours Late

Madonna was booed at a concert in Philadelphia after keeping fans waiting for hours before she finally came on.

The concert at the Wells Fargo Center was scheduled to begin at 8 pm, but Madonna didn’t end up taking the stage until 10:30 pm, CBS Philadelphia reported. The delay was so long that some fans left before the Material Girl even stepped on stage.

“It’s 10:15 … it’s time to go,” Madonna fan Jen Gililand told CBS.

Gililian she paid good money to bring her 10-year-old to the show, but the youngster couldn’t stay up any later so they had to leave.

Gililand wasn’t the only one to voice her displeasure for Madonna’s antics.

“I don’t know who you think you are Madonna, but you stink. We left, you can pay my babysitter,” said Debbie Bleznak, who paid a sitter to come to her house at 6 pm.

Making the situation worse was the fact that no real opening act was scheduled just a DJ who spun some songs while the crowd idled. The crowd was given a false sense of hope when stage technicians appeared to be setting up for her arrival close to 9:30 pm, the Philly Post reported, but it was just a false alarm.

This makes it a noteworthy couple of months for Madonna. Over the course of the summer, she was booed in another concert in France, faced protests in Russia for speaking out against the detainment of punk rock protest band Pussy Riot, and saw her feud with Elton John intensify and then possibly dissipate.

Even politicians got in on the Madonna booing. Philadelphia Councilman Jim Kenney used his Twitter page to voice his displeasure.

But apparently the concert was worth the wait for Kenney.

Madonna apologized to the crowd when she finally did step on stage, but it wasn’t enough to make up for the notoriously tough Philadelphia audience. They booed Madonna again when she tried to make amends.

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8 Responses to “Madonna Booed At Philadelphia Concert After Taking Stage Hours Late”

  1. Mary Lloyd

    I've been a madonna fan since she first came on the scene. love her music..but I'd been pretty damn pissed off if I was at that show! you pay alot for concert tix these days, the least these artists can do is be on time. it wasn't 5,10 or 30 min late, but 2hrs?

  2. Lori Dalton

    Did the same to me at a south Florida concert! Glad Philly boo'd her that is unacceptable!

  3. Michelle Gengel

    It's time for her to retire, she can't tell time anymore. 3 hours late for the concert here last night then she comes out with a handgun and blood splatter on the stage.

  4. Lily Marlena Falk

    Took the stage at 10:45 in Detroit last night. Not that I went………

  5. Hazel Estrada

    Well…She showed up at 11:15pm last night in Miami. Show was great but the wait was ridiculous…and about the DJ..if I wanted to hear dance music, I would have just gone to a club or brought my earbuds and listen to Pandora.

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