What's Already Known About 'The Originals' Season 4

‘The Originals’ Season 4 Spoilers: What’s Already Known?

The Originals Season 3 may have only just come to an end, but fans already want to know what is in store for Season 4. This is the biggest cliffhanger the show has seen, with questions about how the Mikaelsons even stand a chance. All the lives rest in the hands of Marcel, who has full control over whether Klaus lives or dies.

While many factors are unknown, here are five things already known about The Originals Season 4.

The main one to focus on is the start date. The CW announced the fall 2016 lineup last month, and The Originals was not on the list. Season 4 will not start until January, 2017. This is not because the network doesn’t believe in the show, but the exact opposite. There is hope that the show, along with The 100, will keep the ratings higher for the hiatus period, as already reported by the Inquisitr.

It is unknown when the season will be shorter than normal due to the time placement. The CW is still to release all plans for the 2016-2017 schedule.

Another confirmed point is that the show will see a time jump. The jump length is unconfirmed, but it will likely be at least three years to put The Vampire Diaries and The Originals back in the same time frame. The Vampire Diaries saw a jump of three years during the middle of Season 7.

The time jump will help to cover the period that Klaus has been missing for from the lines spoken in The Vampire Diaries to Caroline. Klaus hasn’t been seen, so he can’t just pop up any time soon. It will also make it more realistic for Hayley to start finding cures for the various Mikaelson ailments.

The third fact is that it is all up to Hayley now. She may have help, but the main focus will be on her finding the cure for Marcel’s bite on Elijah and Kol, the poison used against Freya and against the curse Rebekah is under. She will then need to work on getting Klaus out of the hell he is currently stuck in.

There are theories that she will get help from a witch. Maybe Davina will help from wherever she is on the other side. It is also possible the werewolf clans that she and Klaus saved will help, or someone will turn up from The Vampire Diaries to help save the day.

The Mikaelsons also have a newfound respect for their half brother. Klaus has spent centuries doing everything for his own good, and used the family love as a justification for it all. He would continually dagger his siblings and keep them in boxes “for their own good.” This time, his sacrifice really was for them and that has led to a new respect from Rebekah and Elijah in particular.

It will be interesting to see whether Klaus’ personality will change at all when he gets out of his hell. Will he go up against Marcel again or will he decide against revenge?

Finally, it has been confirmed that Marcel is not the big bad of The Originals Season 4. Christian Daily shared an interview with Michael Narducci, the executive producer of the show, where he comments that Marcel has always done what he believes is right. He was furious with the way Davina was left to die because of the Mikaelsons looking out for themselves, and wants to get revenge for that.

Whether a 12-episode or 22-episode season, there are lots of opportunities with Season 4 for new evils and difficult storylines. The above is all that is known about The Originals Season 4, but there is a lot more to come.

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