El Chapo Guzman’s Son Talks About His Extradition

‘El Chapo’ Guzman’s Son Talks About His Extradition

Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman has inspired the creation of numerous narcocorrido songs due to his high-profile exploits as the head of the Sinaloa drug cartel, the biggest drug trafficking organization in Mexico. And as soon as he escaped from jail last year, dozens of them were released simultaneously within hours, many of them speaking about his invincibility.

Looking at the lyrics to the song “El Chapo Otra Fuga Mas,” which translates to “El Chapo Yet Another Escape” in English, the song taunted President Enrique Pena Nieto on what he was going to say following Guzman’s second escape from a Mexican prison.

The following were the exact lyrics, according to a report by Billboard.

“El Chapo Otra Fuga Mas,” (El Chapo Yet Another Escape), in which he sings, “The speech is going to have to be a good one to convince the people / just as Vicente Fox’s speech was back in the day / let’s see what Don Enrique Peña Nieto has to say today.”

Another song, written by Los Tucanes de Tijuana while El Chapo was in jail, celebrated Guzman’s rise from humble upbringings to become one of the most powerful and wealthiest men in Mexico and highlighted his humorous answer when arrested. The lyrics read as follows, according to WSJ.

“In Guatemala, folks, / they claimed the reward / there El Chapo was nabbed / by Guatemalan authorities. / A famous trafficker / talked about around the world / from one day to the next / El Chapo became famous. / He leads a gang / Of mafioso gunmen / With a big nickname / And Guero Palma as his partner. El Chapo had connections / With the Colombian narcos / And he trafficked the drugs / From South America in bulk / To the north of the continent / Where they had the market. / Enormous imports / of heroin were detected, too/ That came from Thailand / Ready for distribution / In all of Europe / And Latin America. ‘I’m no trafficker’ / said El Chapo Guzman. / ‘Least of all the chief of a gang / I don’t even like weapons’ / ‘I am a farmer / I grow corn in Culiacan. / I don’t know any Miguel Felix / Just the Arellano clan'”

However, following his recapture in January this year after his escape from Altiplano prison through a 1.5-kilometer tunnel, the Mexican government has gone to enormous lengths to ensure that he doesn’t escape again. Moreover, president Enrique Peña Nieto is said to have ordered officials concerned with El Chapo’s case to speed up his extradition to the United States. According to the New York Daily News, he told the Attorney General’s office to “achieve the extradition of this highly dangerous delinquent as soon as possible”.

Mexican police in a tunnel
Federal police guarding a drainage pipe outside the Altiplano maximum security prison following El Chapo’s escape [Photo by Marco Ugarte/AP Images]

As things stand, two Mexican judges have already approved El Chapo’s extradition to the United States, where he faces racketeering and murder charges, with the process requiring that he files an appeal by July 1. So far, roughly two weeks have passed since the decision was made, and El Chapo has yet to file a motion against extradition in relation to the rulings, reports Fox News.

However, El Chapo’s son Ivan has offered his two cents about extraditing Guzman to the United States, saying “they talk about extradition but have not achieved it yet”. This is via Twitter. The following is the tweet.

In December of last year, he shared a picture of El Chapo in the cockpit of a plane while he was still a fugitive.

In March this year, it was alleged that El Chapo had requested to be extradited to the United States as he was undergoing immense physiological torture while in prison, reports CNN.

[Photo by Marco Ugarte/AP Images]