Jon Snow Hair is Inspiring Men To Get A Perm Like 'Game Of Thrones' Hero|Photo by Michael Yaris/WBTV via Getty Images

Kit Harington’s ‘Jon Snow Hair’ Is Inspiring Men To Get A Perm Like ‘Game Of Thrones’ Hero

Goodbye “man bun,” hello “man perm”!

Men around the world are flocking to their hair stylists to achieve the soft curls made popular by Game of Thrones heartthrob actor Kit Harington who portrays hero Jon Snow. While Jon Snow’s parentage may be a mystery, the appeal of Snow’s mane of tumbling locks is not.

The key to making this perm look more Game of Thrones instead of Purple Rain is that the stylist will use extra large perm rods. The end result is loose curls that gently frame the face, instead of tight curls that look pinched and dry.

USA Today spoke to Diana Schmidtke, a professional men’s stylist who explained that this is not a repeat of the cheesy 80s New Wave look that dominated the early days of MTV.

“It’s not your 1980s perm anymore, the science has technically advanced.”

Should men get nervous that they may end up with ridiculous hair that they will want to stuff into a hat?

“The stigma against the perm goes back to the big hair of the ’80s. And you can see now they’re using very large perm rods, which give looser curls.”

The new and improved perm truly has been improved. This one-to-two-hour procedure is called a cold perm. This may take longer than traditional perms, but the final result is less damaging.

After the treatment, the hair looks gently tousled and very sexy. The new formal perms are a vast improvement up the parma that most people want to forge, such as the wiry curls previously adorned by Justin Timberlake. Who’s bringing sexy back here? Certainly not Justin!

Hair professional Schmidtke also wants men to understand that actor Kit Harington already has very naturally curly hair that needs to be relaxed. These locks are natural to the GOT actor.

“It should be duly noted that Kit Harington’s hair is naturally curly. In photoshoots or on the red carpet you see they actually relax his hair.”

The Jon Snow perm is more than just a sexy look for men — it is a poetic statement. From his mysterious parentage, (Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen, right?) to his inspiring honor, Snow is a romantic hero for turbulent times. It is no wonder that men want to evoke that sort of feeling by duplicating the Jon Snow hair.

It is unfortunate that Kit Harington has recently downplayed his curls. He does not seem to understand that his curls are only part of the entire romantic image that has been around for two hundred years.

“I like to think of myself as more than a head of hair or a set of looks. It’s demeaning.”

Back in the early 19th century, English Romantic poets such as Lord George Byron and Percy Bysshe Shelley were famous for their tortured souls and curly locks. Men wanted to be them, women with them. The romantics were attuned to nature and had high ideals and aspirations. This inspired the end of the Establishment and a start to creating a new world for all people. These romantic values are the very same values of the Starks and perhaps why so many people were devastated when it appeared that Jon Snow had died. The curls are a bit like a tattoo. This tells people who you are. Along with his locks, Snow represents the romantic ideal of natural harmony, the sublime and honor.

Then, 150 years later, Led Zeppelin came about, with Robert Plant and Jimmy Page wearing puffy shirts, embroidered velvet jackets, and donned sensual pre-Raphaelite locks as the band created songs about the midnight sun, hot springs, fire, and ice, not unlike the land where Jon Snow lived. Needless to say, this look was very popular with female fans.

How do you like this new man perm trend started by Kit Harington? Guys, are you getting your hair permed anytime soon?

[Photo by Michael Yaris/WBTV via Getty Images]