Brad Pitt rescues little girl

Brad Pitt Rescues Girl From Being Crushed By His Fans [Video]

Brad Pitt can be a hero not only in Hollywood movies but also in real life, according to the Mirror. The 52-year-old actor has rescued a little girl from being crushed by a crowd of his fans.

The incident took place last Sunday during the filming of Brad Pitt’s latest film, titled Allied, in Gran Canaria. The Fight Club actor rescued the little girl after things got chaotic and a crowd of his fans almost crushed her in Las Palmas, the capital of Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands.

But Brad Pitt, who shares six children with wife Angelina Jolie, made a heroic move and went to rescue the young girl. And it was selfies to blame for the almost tragic incident, as hundreds of Pitt’s fans hurried toward the actor to take snaps with the Hollywood star.

In Allied, Brad Pitt plays the role of Max Vatan, an intelligence officer who is sent on a dangerous mission. According to Spanish media, the life of the young girl was in danger, as she could have been crushed by the crowd against a security barrier. And no one paid attention to the girl except one — Pitt himself.

As seen from the photographs and the home video, Brad Pitt grabbed the little girl and his bodyguards rushed to help the actor. They lifted the girl to safety and made sure she got to her mother. Pitt’s heroic move was described as “a fantastic gesture” by one eye-witness cited by the Mirror.

During filming for his upcoming film, Brad Pitt blew kisses and took selfies with his fans as he enjoyed a walk down one of Las Palmas’ streets. The streets of the city were decorated to look as if it was the 1940s in North Africa especially for the film.

Filming for the film started in the U.K., but Brad Pitt and co were forced to travel to the Canary Islands to make it look as if the scenes were shot in North Africa.

In other news, Top Gear failed to include Brad Pitt in its first episode, according to the Sun. It was earlier reported that the 52-year-old Seven actor agreed to star in the BBC show, which was completely overhauled after Jeremy Clarkson punched the show’s producer last year.

The upcoming first episode of the revamped Top Gear, which will now be hosted by BBC presenter Chris Evans and former Friends star Matt LeBlanc, featured actor Jesse Eisenberg and chef Gordon Ramsay instead of Brad Pitt.

But the show’s crew raised high hopes for Brad Pitt, who would surely serve as a great motivation to tune in for the first episode, which aired on May 29. One of the sources cited by the Sun said Pitt couldn’t make a guest appearance on Top Gear because of filming issues.

And that’s why the BBC show had to find another big Hollywood star and they found Eisenberg, who is best known for his role of Lex Luthor in the latest Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie. But the source noted that Eisenberg is “not a heart-throb” or as big as Brad Pitt.

“Chris Evans is not known in the US so they’ve had to bring in two guests instead of one each week to build the brand out there.”

The source also said that chef Ramsay is a big name in the United States, which will help Top Gear, but added that it wasn’t the start Evans or the show’s producers wanted. Brad Pitt is currently filming for two films in the U.K., and he gave the green light to appearing in the BBC show “in a reasonably priced car.”

[Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images]