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Chris Soules Becoming Close Friends With Ben Higgins And Lauren Bushnell?

Chris Soules is back on his farm in Iowa, where he feels at home. It is also here that his family lives, so it makes sense that he would want to stay there and not move to another state to find love. When Chris appeared on The Bachelor, he was hopeful that the women who had appeared on the show to find love with him knew what kind of world they would be entering. However, Soules remains single, and it sounds like he’s still a big part of the Bachelor family even though he doesn’t have a woman in his life.

According to a new tweet, Chris Soules recently revealed that he had run into Ben Higgins and his future wife, Lauren Bushnell, in an airport. And it sounds like these stars are actually great friends who have plenty of things to talk about. At least, it sounds like Chris is becoming close friends with this former Bachelor star.

“Great running into my old buddy at the Denver airport and meeting his new lovely fiancé. So happy for them!” Chris Soules revealed on Twitter when he ran into Lauren and Ben in the Denver airport just a few days ago.

And it sounds like Ben and Chris may have become good friends throughout the Bachelor experience, as the two may already be making plans to hang out again. At least Lauren seems very eager to catch up with Soules, who has been traveling back and forth between his farm in Iowa and Los Angeles, where he has made appearances on Dancing with the Stars.

“Come back to Denver!!!!!!!” Lauren revealed, to which Chris replied, “I’ll be back soon! We have a lot of catching up to do.”

Lauren and Ben have both been sharing some pictures on Instagram of their life together, but it sounds like they are not necessarily as open about what they are doing.

“These two guys have been working hard today. Just wait till you see what us girls have been workin on,” Lauren revealed on Instagram, sharing a picture of Ben and what appears to be his father.

But she never clarified what she was referring to about what she had been working on. These two have spent lots of time together, possibly because they want this relationship to work. Maybe they are trying to learn from Chris Soules’ mistake of going on Dancing with the Stars and not paying too much attention to his relationship. The two recently spent some time apart, and it was hard for Lauren, who already missed her future husband after just a few hours.

“I’m not one get all sentimental but Ben flew home yesterday while I stayed with my family to celebrate Mothers Day and it was the first day we’ve spent apart in a few weeks. The second he left I felt a piece of me missing. I can’t wait to get home today to the most amazing person I’ve ever met. I’m so thankful for you, Ben,” she revealed on Instagram.

And maybe it is this kind of love that Chris Soules really wants in his life. Perhaps he’s hanging around Ben and Lauren in hopes of meeting one of her friends, who could potentially be “the one” for him. After breaking off his engagement to Whitney Bischoff, Soules decided to focus on his farm back in Iowa. He stopped being in the spotlight for a while and worked on himself. No word on whether he dated during this period, but it sounds like he wants to focus on himself. Rumor has it that he turned down a spot on Bachelor in Paradise.

“I’m hopeful for love. But when you go through a breakup, you get stung a little bit and you pull back. There are times I wonder if I’m meant to be single. But I’m hopeful I can eventually find that person,” Chris Soules told People magazine earlier this year, adding, “I’m taking a break. I’m focusing on me, putting my head down and working really hard. I’ve been sort of neglecting things that are really important to me.”

What do you think of Chris Soules wanting to hang around Ben and Lauren? Do you think he’s still hoping for a relationship and marriage?

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