5 tips for effective weight loss

Five Tips To Reclaim Your Health, Weight Loss Made Simple

We’ve all been there. You decide you are tired of being fat. You are tired of nothing ever fitting you. You are dedicated to the change in your diet. You think it has to be successful. I am trying very hard. There are things you may be doing that can harm your chance that the diet will be successful.

Skipping Meals

It is NEVER a good idea to skip a meal. Many people will skip either breakfast or dinner. They will say they can sacrifice the food to lose weight. What this does it triggers you metabolism to slow down and INCREASES the fat production. The best thing you can do is to eat every three to four hours throughout the day. When choosing your foods, it is a good idea to pick foods that are not only low calorie but are good whole foods.

Drinking Fruit JuicesSoda

Let face it; many people believe drinking fruit juice is a healthy choice. Most commercial fruit juice is packed with sugar. They are also packed full of added ingredients. Most of the time drinking a fruit juice is no different than drinking regular soda. Many people also fall into the diet soda trap. They believe it is right for them because it has no calories. The complete opposite is true. It is terrible for you. It is full of fake nutrients and chemicals. Oddly enough, the better choice would be regular soda.

Changing Your Diet Too Fast

This is one of the most common mistakes. You are excited. You decide I will lose 20 pounds this month. After all, on The Biggest Loser, they lose 40 pounds a month average. You throw away all the junk food. You eat salads, veggies and fruits only. Then it happens. Late at night you overeat. You will likely eat a lot of calories. The cause of this is changing your diet too fast. The way to avoid this is first to stop eating sweets or quit sodas. After you do that, tackle exercise. After implementing training, add more fruits and vegetables. Remember, losing weight is not a sprint race, it is a marathon.

Not Eating Enough Calories

Not eating enough calories is just as bad as eating too many. It is. What happens is if you live on say 600 calories a day for an extended time, you body will begin to breakdown. Not even debating the Starvation Mode Myth, the fact is no one has a Basal Metabolic Rate of 600. It would be a minimum of 1,200 most likely. In fact, a 9-month-old baby needs more calories than 500-600 per day. The trick is learning which calories to eat and finding a balance of carbohydrates, protein, and fats.

Choosing The Wrong Foods

It is not possible to feed an active body on junk foods. You would not be able to run a marathon if you eat pizza, cakes, and all the wrong foods. It is important you start feeding yourself as you are an athlete. Eat lean meats, beans, brown rice, spaghetti made with whole grain, and all the fresh veggies and fruits you can eat.

Changing your diet is never easy. It is best if done slow to ensure a life change is completed. Stick with it and expect setbacks. If you are consistent, you will reach your goal weight and be so much healthier when you get there. The three primary focuses should be eating less junk food, eat more natural, whole foods, and move your body much, much more often.

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