Jillian Michaels Dishes 7 Tips For Lasting Weight Loss

Jillian Michaels Reveals 4 Hot Tips For Lasting Weight Loss

If there’s one celebrity trainer that isn’t afraid to be candid about weight loss–It’s Jillian Michaels. She became a household name when she was cast as a coach on the hit reality TV show, The Biggest Loser. Today, Jillian has struggled like most mothers to maintain her work and home balance and prided herself on being as real as possible with her fans and followers. Self talked with the fitness guru and Michaels gave them four tips that will help you maintain your weight loss, and stay fit.

Jillian said that it is never okay to overeat, not even on healthy foods. Healthier foods will fuel your body better than junk foods will, but the bottom line is a calorie is still a calorie, even if it is a vegetable.

“Weight maintenance and weight loss are about how much you are taking in. I don’t care how healthy a food is, don’t overeat. “

It is important to count your calories but know that you cannot do it forever. Michael considers it a necessity at first. At some point, Jillian explains you have to trust yourself enough to stop counting calories. If you have trouble figuring out how many calories are in your foods, there are plenty of apps that can do the math for you. Jillian suggested My Fitness Pal because it is simple to use, and best of all–free.

Michaels explained that it’s not just about calories in calories out, it’s also about nutrients. It’s important to know the foods you eat and to drop the labels. Forget eating vegan, Paleo or any other weight loss trend. Jillian’s simple advice is to eat real foods, with no MSG, corn syrup, or nitrates. If you do that, Jillian assures you, the weight will come off.

Michaels noted that if you aren’t consistent with your exercise, it will affect your waistline. While exercise is only a small part of your weight loss success, if you have too many “lazy days” you won’t feel like being as active. Michaels explains that being consistent is a battle for most people, but will help you feel much better in general.

Sometimes it’s not enough to do the motions and exercise. You should choose workouts that you enjoy doing. Jillian chuckles that she wouldn’t want to do a 45-minute video of activity that she hates. Michaels explains there is no reason to do that either with so many options. Another tip she found useful was to keep challenging yourself to increase your intensity every two weeks. It’ll keep your body working hard in every single workout you do.

Probably the most important reason Jillian gave was to know why being healthy and fit is important to you. It’s not enough just to know the reason; you need to write it down, and place it somewhere that you can see often.

“Identify your why and really go into detail. Not like, I want better health. I don’t know what that means. Maybe it’s I want to keep up with my two toddlers Or, I want to run the New York City Marathon. Those kind of things, Post them everywhere and emotionally connect to your goals. Because let’s be honest–Pizza will taste better than chicken any day of the week. However, whatever it is that matters to you, if you care about it, it’s going to matter more to you than a slice of greasy pizza.”

The bottom line is you cannot live a full life on a super-duper strict diet. Sometimes you may want a hamburger or a slice of pizza. And, that’s okay. It’s okay to have a cheat meal, as long as you have a relatively healthy diet otherwise.

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