Kunal Nayyar Says His 'The Big Bang Theory' Character Raj Isn't A Bad Guy

‘The Big Bang Theory’ Raj Isn’t A Bad Guy: Here’s What Kunal Nayyar Says About His Character

Raj has changed a lot over the last nine Seasons of The Big Bang Theory. Starting off as a quiet, mute-around-women nerd, he has become more confident to the point where he is dating two women. This has led to him boasting about the fact, pretending that it is really a problem for him.

So far, he has gotten away with the two-timing. While many people will be irate that Kunal Nayyar’s character is doing this, it isn’t because he is being mean. In fact, The Big Bang Theory character is simply confused, according to Nayyar himself. He doesn’t want to be the bad guy, but doesn’t realize how much both Emily and Claire will be hurt when they find out about each other.

Nayyar joked to Digital Spy about the situation, saying that it was “awesome” and “the best thing in the universe.” When he talked about it seriously, though, he commented about Raj’s innocence. He hadn’t had many serious relationships due to his inability to talk to women without being drunk, until Lucy broke his heart. Now he has a newfound confidence, but he still doesn’t really know how to navigate the dating waters.

According to Nayyar, Raj has never been in this position and doesn’t understand that it is a bad thing. It will eventually come out on Big Bang, as is the nature of the show. While there will be sadness, there will also be a comedic element to it. That is something the show has always been good at doing.

The actors never expected The Big Bang Theory to grow so big. While he thought the pilot episode script was good, Kunal never thought that it would go on to run for nine seasons and have a tenth in the works. There are questions over whether it can continue past that, but the stars have become big enough names now that they should be able to find work easily elsewhere.

One of the main reasons the show has expanded and grown so well is the ability to adapt the characters. They have grown with the series. Sheldon Cooper is no longer as quiet or afraid of contact as he once was – something the character has pointed out on the show recently. Leonard has grown in confidence through his relationship with Penny, and Penny has become more level-headed and grown up thanks to her friendship with the boys and her relationship with Leonard. Howard has gone from the sleazy guy to a loving husband and soon-to-be father.

They all still have their moments, but they have grown in a way that is plausible for the relationships they have formed. Having Bernadette and Amy as part of the main cast now has really helped all of that.

While Raj has grown throughout the series, it is time for more of the focus to be on his change. That is happening now in The Big Bang Theory through his decision to date two women. He may have gotten away with it so far, but it won’t last forever. Who will be the one to break the news to him that he can’t do this? How will Claire and Emily find out the truth?

Nayyar doesn’t view him as the bad guy, but that doesn’t mean others don’t. The women involved in his two-timing relationships will not view him as an innocent, confused boy. He is an adult and should know that dating two women at the same time is wrong. All that will likely come to a head in The Big Bang Theory Season 10.

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