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US Troops Plotted To Kill Obama, Developing Story Indicates

plot to kill obama

Ludowici, GA — Four US troops plotted to kill President Obama, going so far as to kill another two people who were aware of the plot in a story for which only scant details have been provided for thus far.

Armed with $87,000 worth of weapons, the troops that plotted to kill Obama were said to have been planning a large set of terrorist activities, including assassinating the President as well as bombing major targets and overthrowing the federal government.

Pfc. Michael Burnett pled guilty today to manslaughter as well as gang-related activity in the December killings of former soldier Michael Roark and Roark’s girlfriend, 17-year-old Tiffany York. In the case against Burnett, Roark and York were referred to as “loose ends,” killed because of their knowledge of the assassination plot.

The initial report on the plot to kill Obama by the US troops refers to an “anarchist militia within the U.S. military with plans to overthrow the federal government,” and details what we know so far, disclosed earlier today:

“Prosecutor Isabel Pauley says the group bought $87,000 worth of guns and bomb-making materials and plotted to take over Fort Stewart, bomb targets in nearby Savannah and Washington state, as well as assassinate the president.”

Little else is known about the alleged plot to kill Obama, and the names of the other soldiers thought to be involved in the treasonous plans were not disclosed in the initial report. For instance, it is not known if Roark is one of the four accused of planning to kill the president, or if the plot involved others.

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219 Responses to “US Troops Plotted To Kill Obama, Developing Story Indicates”

  1. Augustus Howard

    This is of NO surprise to me. There are probably more out there who would do the same! At least these will be in jail forever for killing two of their OWN!

  2. Lynne Bryant Harrison

    wow! this just amazes me they thought they could get away with it in the first place.

  3. Vybe Edwards

    I hope someone beats his ars in prison for killing those two innocent people, wasting 87k, and for thinking he could get close to our President. WE DOn't DIE WE MULTIPLY IDIOT.

  4. Shari Chester

    I understand what Tony is saying, Itnis people like Mitt and his bunch telling lies about Obama to make these types of people always want to do our president harm.

  5. Tony Williams

    Its not dumb Patrick, its the truth, this President has gotten more flack then any President on a daily basis for four years. that I'm afraid that if he get's four more years, he may not be lucky enough to live through it if people like these guys continue to solve the problems with hate and the BS coming from the Republican Party. For instance, Republicans say….they want their country back, isn't it my country to? And if it is my country as well, where the hell did it go. Oh I get it once Obama took office the country ran away with the dish and the spoon. People say the American people don't want this President, then who the hell is voting on these polls showing this President beats Romeny by 2-3% more votes. People say he has failed polices. How can he succeed if Congress is full of Republicans that vote on behalf of their party instead of what the people want. The people have spoken they wanted Bin Laden..Got Him…they wanted Healthcare….Got It….now they want 4 more years, see you in November.

  6. Tony Williams

    Mary Ann, Mitt didn't ok these guys to try and assasinate the President…same thing with John Wilkes Booth, or the assassins of The Kennedys and MLK, JR. It was the the people that persuaded as well as the Government led folks in politics. Lincoln got killed for freeing the slaves, The Kennedys for allowing the blacks to have their right to vote, which is ironic because today in SC it has been stated it is a privilege to vote not a right. That's why I have to bring my state issued ID when I vote this year, never since 1978 Ihad to do that. And King was killed for giving the African American Freedom

  7. Tony Williams

    Freedom to be able to grab a good education, become something in this world and level the playing field. The only thing that is wrong with this is that, Dr. King was killed before he could enlighten the African American Community what to do with this new found freedom. Today, some of us have benefited, yet most of us haven't

  8. Patrick D. McGann

    Dr. King was killed by a Racist Democrat. Your arguement that he cant do well because of a Republican Congress is the same thing that happend to BUSH. You either work together or don't its not the will of Obama its the will of the people so when he shoved Obomacare down our throats (the vast majority did not want it) the voters turned out and spoke and won enough. We live in a Democracy not a Dictatorship. Checks and Balances. Anyone who cant see how Obamacare will bankrupt our economy does not look at the numbers all they are looking at is whats in it for me right now. Thes people who plotted this terrible thing are crazy. Like the guy who shot Reagan. When Reagan was shot Republicans did not say the Democrats will pay for this. Go ahead an Blame a Morman. Oh by the way Lincoln was a Republican. I have been showing my ID to vote for years whats the problem? Just keeps the dead from voting.

  9. Jacque Carter

    Here is my thought. There are a lot of people planting lies and hate (Mitt Romney, Rush to name two). Then there is that movie Obama 2016. I cannot speak for everyone, but I have NEVER met a black person that wanted to plot revenge on white people or any general race. For me I have too much to deal with in my own life to think about anyone else. The past is the past…and those I know are trying to keep it moving. This demonstrates to me the insecurities of some people to think that "black" people are dwelling on them and the past. Now on another note, I agree with some of the Republican ideals, nand some of the Democrats ideas, but I cannot vote for any promoting hate, anger, and intolerance. They make conservative ideas appear to be intolerant. Tony did not phase his word in a politically correct way, but he is likely right. Unfortunately may people react out of emotion and not intellect. All of this is just a distract from what is truly important. Love, peace and family. (When Jesus prayed to prayed that we would be one as he and the father are one. Of all things this is what he prayed.)

  10. Lynne Bryant Harrison

    I totally understand what Tony is trying to say! True it would not be Mitts fault. BTW, I do not support his ideals one bit, but he does not appear, in general, to be that of a callous man, unlike Rush Limbaugh. Having said that, I do believe there is a general tone the Republican Party, like an earlier post said which resonates intolerance. This in my opinion breeds hate perpetuates people with the tendency to go nuts, and those that want to do harm to our President. If this does happen, I can assure you, there will be hell to pay. Just like there was with the beating of RK, the slaying of Dr. MLK, watts riot, President Lincoln just to name a few. Additionally he will undoubtedly be hailed as a martyr and this too will have a great impact on the country. As history has shown us in the past, civil unrest, and assassinations cause quantum leaps in our policy when such an even does take place. Some for the good and some for the bad, it depends on which side you are on. Personally, I am on the side of justice, President Obama, and our country.

  11. Lynne Bryant Harrison

    Mary Anne Horn Gomulinski He did not mention Romney actually

  12. Richard Tate

    augustus, i agree that these nuts should be punished for killing two people, but they should also be given the death sentence for plotting to kill the pres and overthr4ow the u.s. government.

  13. Joe E. Deaton

    I'm shocked that we don't see more stories like this . He can only shove so much down the throat of the American workers before it's enough ! He has given us mandated owebama care , huge unemployment sky rocketing food and cost of living prices. Not to mention how he disrespects our country by not even having the common decency to salute the flag . I say if you voted for owebama in 2008 to prove you weren't a racist vote for someone else in 2012 to prove your not a deadbeat & an idiot !

  14. Joe E. Deaton

    Wow Jerry sounds like you might be trying to get yourself in more trouble than you can get out of . I think you should seek professional help as soon as you can .

  15. Chillin Dylan

    regarding the obamas and

    talk radio hosts and right-wing nutjobs WHINE and WHINE and WHINE about how obama is doing nothing to create jobs or to contribute to the bleak economy (or,
    bleakonomy) – while at the same time bashing the divine miss o.

    i'm tired of it, the obamas are doing a GREAT DEAL for the economy.
    what about michelle obama's multitude of chefs and servants? those are
    JOBS. what about her dresses, they are CUSTOM-MADE – she PAYS designers.
    $100,000 for them, therefore she is hiring someone – and therefore she.
    is stimulating the "bleakonomy". $5,000 for hair and makeup, again it.
    is affirming employment and affirming capitalism – it is an economy.
    stimulator. that is just the tip of the iceberg regarding her spending,
    but I commend michelle obama for her life of excess.

    their vacations, don't forget about their vacations, the entourage that.
    accompanies them is paid for! they spend because they want to.
    contribute to the economy, they're living large to benefit the little.
    people – not to benefit themselves! "i'm not doing this for me, I'm.
    doing it for you," that's exactly what ferris said to cameron. so what
    if cameron had a car, so what if his dad had a ferrari, ferris still.
    said it: "i'm not doing this for me, I'm doing it for you". the obamas
    may have steve winwood over to the white house to sing "back in the high.
    life again" over caviar and fine wine, but they do it for nobody but.
    you and me!

    it wouldn't bother me if word got out that michelle spent $1,000 for.
    someone to design her a vibrator, she'd be stimulating the economy in an.
    effort to stimulate her vagina! actually, what she'd be doing is.
    stimulating her vagina in an effort to stimulate the economy…because.
    she is a beautiful and unselfish human being.

    jagged little dyl.

  16. Stephanie Bishop

    You DO know two innocent people were killed by this nut case…right? Instead of killing the he could have just voted for Mitt Romney and join the tea baggers.

  17. Kieran O'Hagan

    As much as I think Obama is piece of garbage and he's killing the country, these four soldiers, if they did it, are traitors. Killing the President is NOT the answer!

  18. Steve McIntosh

    he is not OUR president…you might claim him so by all means go kiss his ass…he is not my president nor will he ever be!

  19. Rick Selfridge

    Do any of you see this as a possible red flag event? We already know the Government is afraid of Militia forces and now this is linked to one. Sounds to good to be true.

  20. Ashleigh Edwards

    Well and the plan with killing the bastard is dumb because them Biden would become president. That would be worse!

  21. Brian Strang

    Since when is "loose ends" a manslaughter charge. Murder 1 as in premeditated murder would have been the DA's goal. I smell something fishy about this article, any more details out there?

  22. Wolf Lone

    I see alot of people just assuming there terrorist just because the news labeled them as such. They were sworn to uphold the constitution. You mindless sheep dnt even realize thats what they were trying to do….

  23. Trina Churchwell-Allmond Pareso

    If the federal government continues to tread on our rights I guarantee we will be seeing more of this! Won't be long and there will be a revolution and we the people will be taking back our country! I do not think killing innocent people is ok so the only thing I see he did wrong was killing the innocent people! Obama and the Feds are NOT innocent!

  24. Steve McIntosh

    Shari Chester Telling lies? Are you seriously that dumb and blind that you can't see the truth for yourself? obama is a lying sack of garbage and I applaud anyone that takes him down!

  25. Pat Connors

    I am thinking he is being sarcastic, if not then he is on a koolaid high

  26. Dwight Hora

    Hey Chillin Dylan,

    Wake up man, the money they are spending is our hard earned money. This money comes to them in the form of taxes. Wake up man, they are not inspiring private industry, they are creating a socialized society focused on the government to support all who do not understand the ideas that our founding fathers started, which is to have the opportunity to prosper. Leave the taking care of the poor to the churches and other civic organizations so that individual people can make their own choices of how their money is distributed.
    Semper Fi

  27. Andrew Scott Blaylock

    It amazes me that liberals will cry out for vengance with the death penalty when a nonminority threatens their liberal agenda. When a minority is facing the death penalty for murdering a child or some other reprehensible crime, the liberals will try to search for reasons to limit the sentence. All murderers should be put to death

  28. Andrew Scott Blaylock

    It amazes me that liberals will cry out for vengance with the death penalty when a nonminority threatens their liberal agenda. When a minority is facing the death penalty for murdering a child or some other reprehensible crime, the liberals will try to search for reasons to limit the sentence. All murderers should be put to death

  29. Adina Shoshana

    Red Flag For Certain. If not – too bad these folks didn't find support to remove all of the governmental corruption – and deport every last one of them. Prison is FAR too good for them. I say – send them (meaning obamination and his evil crew) to unlawfully cross the borders of Muslim countries and live under Sharia Law…let's see how long "they'll keep their heads about them!" (Not exactly what Rudyard Kipling meant when he said these words! HA!

  30. Adina Shoshana

    Red Flag For Certain. If not – too bad these folks didn't find support to remove all of the governmental corruption – and deport every last one of them. Prison is FAR too good for them. I say – send them (meaning obamination and his evil crew) to unlawfully cross the borders of Muslim countries and live under Sharia Law…let's see how long "they'll keep their heads about them!" (Not exactly what Rudyard Kipling meant when he said these words! HA!

  31. Pat Connors

    Socialism is not this country if you want that find a different country, He is undoubtedly tied to Marxism, and Muzlim garbage, trying to disarm a nation and bleed the economy, Set the UN to be in charge of anything American is treason, The government is feared by a good amount of its people, that alone should say something, So if you think that he is doing such a great job what is happening in Chicago he is from there but turns his back cause he gives a flying FN about anything American

  32. Adina Shoshana

    We don't really know if two other people were killed, nor do we know, if they were, who really did it…Red Flag is out to fool us all into giving up all of our ability to protect ourselves, right?

  33. Robin Petty-Kapanka

    I would rather be a tea bagger now than a socialist!

  34. Ashley Martin

    I can see this happening but not by our own military personnel

  35. John Wayne

    So stop smelling you Fool! Since when do you call the turns that come out of the D.A.'s Office?

  36. Vance Balentine

    Don't celebrate, this is bad…This will be a tool used to monitor US Military members (active or retired). There is a bigger plan.

  37. Cheyenne Kohler

    He has severely fucked this country up in every direction,worthless bastard

  38. John Wayne

    What do you mean IF?? They haven't gotten started yet! Sad to say!

  39. Adina Shoshana

    So long as you are referring to THE REAL TERRORISTS – the corrupt government employees…like the pres and his EVIL cronies. Jail and firing squad is too good for them – they should be fed to the sharia law advocates.

  40. Robin Petty-Kapanka

    careful seeking that professional help. they will take your guns…..

  41. Diane Adkins

    WOW! Unless you are being sarcastic, Nobody needs to spend that much money on clothing, make up and hair. she can hire someone who doesn't take advantage of who the person is and how much money they are willing to spend. the dress makers, hair stylists and make up people are rip off artists bilking them for what they can get, and so is their so called dog trainer they need to stop spending money needlessly and take care of your own dog, or get rid of it. it's not fair to the dog 'cause after they leave the white house they will get rid of the dog.

  42. Lori Marie Plance-Cuni

    They shudnt have kulled the other people , but damn of only they got to ovomits sorry ass

  43. John Wayne

    You're an Idiot! Just shut up! If Mitt was in there we wouldn't be in this bad a shape! I'm a Libertarian but I voted for Mitt,because this would not have happened! It's just gonna get worse so shut up & hang on!

  44. Chris Raymer

    I'm assuming you mean Nobummer needs to go to the electric chair? Quite honestly I think we should let this hero out of jail and properly fund him so he can get the job done right.

  45. Adina Shoshana

    Do some real research.There's a whole world and more outside of one's cubicle…you're missing out on so much.

  46. Allen L. Walker

    When our so called leaders start ignoring our rights and the constitution this is what the outcome is and probably just a small idea of what is to come.

  47. Adina Shoshana

    Lynne -do some real research. And Craig – what are you saying regarding 5,000,000,000?

  48. John Wayne

    We had to vote MItt because he was the only one that had a chance,until the rigged machines,people voting 6 times like that broad in Ga. etc. I am getting pleasure watching the one's that voted for barry go under in business & finance a little at a time! Make's me laugh! Their premiums have gone sky high & the Ins. Has increased to the hilt & they can't reach it! LOve that part! If you're that ignorant,you deserve what you voted for! LMMFAO!

  49. Tammy OHagan

    yeah! but he got voted back in because he handed out FREE phone, didnt you see the youtube video? (thats my sarcastic voice!)

  50. Pamela Williams

    Nice try guys! Next time, get him! You're doing God's work.

  51. Karen S Daggett

    we do not even know if anyone was killed…SMOKE AND MIRRORS!!! throw people off the track to get their way, like the sandy hook joke

  52. Kerry Mullins

    Yep, the Founding Fathers would have been proud of them. This government is not one that they envisioned for this country. Both left and right factions in the government are angling to strip our 1st 10 rights away.

  53. Scott Roberts

    The US Government has ALREADY been overthrown- and a communist dictator has been placed in the President's office- This was accomplished through the fraud of electronic ballots and weak voter ID laws… Men who have taken an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution will continue to do so… Our politicians have not- for the most part- as they have FAILED in their duty to INVESTIGATE OBAMA and ALL his actions & history…

  54. Kerry Mullins

    Steve McIntosh Nope, not mine either. He is usurping the Constitution and deserves to be convicted of treason and punished by the book.

  55. Kerry Mullins

    Liberals are the terrorists of this nation. Enslaving future generations to pay for their perks. Forcing health care on people who don't want it. Allowing a President to let American citizens to be murdered at an overseas Embassy… The list can go on and on..

  56. Charles Coxson

    change you're name too sheeple people obama is a – h*** you will go too the fema camps with us!

  57. Dan Maricle

    this sound like a fishing expodition from big brother.

  58. Angie Helix

    "..But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security." remember our forefathers were terrorists to the crown!

  59. Keith Miller

    I'm with you Rick false flag for sure. to convenient and quick for establishing them as anarchist patriots. One has to wonder if this will only burden us Patriots who seek only to revive our constitution which is getting ripped to shreds on a daily basis. Not really enough information here to draw any kind of real conclusion except the liberals will use this in their continuing efforts to disastablish Patriots as being nothing more than terrorists.It is nothing more than racial profiling at its best.

  60. Vince Parker

    I highly doubt those are the only ones that have killing him in mind.i will be very shocked if he makes it through this next term.he has over half the country pissed off at him and his clan….

  61. Be Vigilant & Save America

    Don't believe everything you hear. Inside sources tells a completely different story. Yes they did commit murder in order to protect the groups plans. But word is, that it was for a very different reason. And it had to do with when this country implodes from Obama, DHS, and all of the above. I do not in any way condone their actions of murder. That should earn them a ticket to prison, however, I do see and understand WHY they were building up arms and getting ready. All Americans should be asking the right questions and preparing themselves for what is to come.

    Most of the people from the military that act out this way or prepare, are doing it because they have inside information on what is REALLY going on. Make no mistake, your lives are in future danger. Do you really think that Obama has signed all these executive orders to make himself a dictator for no reason? Do you really think DHS has bought billions of hollow point bullets, tanks, automatic weapons, drones, and built FEMA camps just for a rainy day? Why do you really think they are trying to take your guns away? Why do you really think they are trying to control the flow of information on the internet?

    Don't be ignorant and blind and do the same thing over and over again that you have been brainwashed to do, which is dismiss information without ever checking into it. I WANT you to doubt me and disagree! But most of all, I want you to do those things so you can PROVE ME WRONG. I dare ya even! Cause I know, if you do, you might actually get off your butts and follow the information and actually truly educate yourselves for once instead of just believing what you hear on the bias MSM, and what the bogus pres puts out to brain wash you with.

    You were given a brain…….. USE IT!

  62. Michael Goglia

    And if they killed him, he would be replaced by someone just as traitorous. Who replaced Nixon when he "resigned?" Gerald Ford; NWO member and pedophile.

    1974-1977: Gerald Ford – President, Dick Cheney – Secretary of State, Donald Rumsfeld – Secretary of Defense, George H.W. Bush – Director of CIA, Henry Kissinger – National Secretary Advisor.

    All traitors, murderers, rapists and liars. NONE of them were "voted" in.

    Obama is only the tip of the iceberg. The two parties are in collusion. The game is rigged and has been for a long time. Stop watching TV and "Hollywood" movies. You'll start to see a change in your perspective, your cognitive abilities will improve, and you will feel better about yourself and the people around you. Read some books about the NWO, the Illuminati, 9/11, JFK, ANYTHING that exposes these bastards for who and what they are.

    "Wherefore by their fruits yes shall know them." ~ Matthew, 7:20 (KJV).

    The way out is through knowledge. "KNOWLEDGE IS POWER." They know EVERYTHING about us; most people know NOTHING about them. That is why they are in POWER.

    The(ir) Secret Covenant:
    "We will behave as if we are not connected to keep the illusion alive. Our goal will be accomplished one drop at a time so as to never bring suspicion upon ourselves. This will also prevent them from seeing the changes as they occur." ~ Unknown.

    Why have we been so blind and for so long? They've been using mind-control techniques on US citizens since the '40's when Operation Paperclip brought many high-ranking Nazi's into this country. The CIA was formed in 1947 when there were about 44,000 TV sets in the US. Who was the first director of the CIA? Allen Dulles. Who headed the Warren Commissions' "report" on JFKs' assassination? Allen Dulles. And on, and on, and on. WAKE UP.

    "Seek the truth and the truth will set you free." ~ John, 8:32.

  63. Melanie LeBato Branham

    I think it's possible. Just so O would have an excuse to control the military. Where did the money come from? This isn't the first red flag event

  64. Billy D Brinkley

    You stupid fuck if watch the news every white person man women and children every Christian of all religions that believe in God your great president announce them as terrorist so whenever you got all the fucking Muslims raping your women and children you going to look bick and say why did i vote for that Moslem nigger for you need to read the Bible revelations according to revelations the Pope we have now is going to be the very last one King Obama is opening the door to hell martial law is just around the corner so the way I see it everybody that voted for Obama needs to be killed along with that Muslim nigger FUCK OBAMA AND YOU SORRY ASS PEOPLE THAT FOLLOWS HIM

  65. Randy Ostrander

    Your gonna commit them of treason?! I think you better look at the federal government. Not just obama.. all of them are guilty of treason but of course nobody is gonna try and prove the obvious

  66. Billy D Brinkley

    Jesse Gonzalez come on look at it look at the last name he is a fucking spick look at the last name so of course he voted for Obama mother fuckr don't even need to be in the United States he's just getting free handouts

  67. Amy Williams

    Sounds VERY sketchy period. I'm not sure I believe this at all. The whole story might just be an attempt to seize power by barry.

  68. Ronald Peterson

    Karen—DUH….they were charged and convicted of MANSLAUGHTER…that is where you kill someone. At least read the article before you speak.

  69. Char Redloske-Girardi

    Oh I agree Jesse, terrorists, treasonists and whatever "ists" we can come up with, but you are pointing a finger at the wrong people here…THESE men were patriots! The finger pointing should be done at the "ists" IN THE WHITE HOUSE!!!! THEY are the REAL terrorists!! Don't believe it? Well you will as soon as all those nice taxes hit us all, and the cost of OWEbama care, yep there wont' be enough tax payers in this county to support HIM let alone alllllll of his followers who have their hands out! Laugh it up and "LAP" it up while you can because it wont' be long till you are relegated to the same ranks as the rest of us…..Socialist COMMUNISM is about controlling ALL the people and if you don't understand that now, you are in for a HUGE shock soon my friend.

  70. Char Redloske-Girardi

    I believe in that rant of dylans, was the sounds of sarcasm….I do hope I am right since adding 4 TRILLION DOLLARS to the deficit in the next few years to bring us to a whopping 20 TRILLION DOLLARS in deficit ALL THE WHILE taxing us to death! That some skill.

  71. Patty McDaniel Burgett

    Obama administration has thrown out so much junk and have slobbering state media networks indoctrinating the ill informed – I would not be surprised if this was staged. Does not surprise me if it is true either. But Obama is King Alinsky and any distracting a good smoke screen.

  72. Tony Cruz

    I see nobody has been stuck with an implant yet or shoved into a fema camp yet LMAO funny stuff

  73. Jeff Upton

    what the hell do you know about voting, presidents are NOT elected they are CHOSEN, people with your line of thinking is why the fascist pigs control us!!

  74. Jeff Upton

    They're called freedom fighters, a border jumping, obama loving peice of shit like you whould'nt understand!

  75. Jeff Upton

    I bet you voted for Obama didnt you….don't worry we'll make sure you hang like you'r fucking president!

  76. Mark Keller

    Posted 9 months ago and no news source picked this up? Zzzzzzzzz believe it if you want….

  77. Kathleen Hickey

    You mean the mainstream Obama source? Taxpayers with brains have wised up to the media.

  78. Gary White

    Amazing as a PFC cannot afford $87,000.00 worth of weapons. Not even on deployment do they make that much.

  79. Gary White

    Amazing as a PFC cannot afford $87,000.00 worth of weapons. Not even on deployment do they make that much.

  80. NYR Putnam County

    Your right, we here at the new york revolution believe we change the tied politically first and formost. Join the resistance against tyranny NYR Putnam County

  81. Matthew Unger

    You think the Military doesn't get close to the President? Who do you think guards the White House (besides the Secret Service)? Who flies and maintains Marine One? Who flies and maintains Air Force One? You're a douchenozzle.

  82. Daniel Leo Alan

    i hope fags fuck both of you in prison, they multiply by sharing your sweet asses hahahaha

  83. Daniel Leo Alan

    jessse gonzales……..(writing)…….closes notebook LOL

  84. Ron Travis

    it would not be treason to get rid of this communist bastard.

  85. Mark Grigoriev

    So according to you everyone who is against Obama is a Mitt Romney supporter??? I am against both of those puppets. Romney and Obama are both the same no matter what you say.

  86. Mark Grigoriev

    So according to you everyone who is against Obama is a Mitt Romney supporter??? I am against both of those puppets. Romney and Obama are both the same no matter what you say.

  87. Ellis L. Mattison Jr.

    I dont think he pland that real well.. .. we do need to make the fire upon us 1st. And we need the 4 million gun owners and whoever believes in FREEDOM. WE NEED GUTS AND GLORY. TAKE OUT THE TRASH… GOVERNMENT, MUSLIMS, ILLEGAL ALIENS AND FINELY THE GANGS. IF WE R GOING TO DO IT …. TAKE ALL THE GARBAGE OUT.. SEND THEM ALL PACKING

  88. Roy Bleyl

    Wow , he's got a lot of fans . He's only the most hated pres in the history of the US and the biggest embarrassment ever . I'm surprised more of idiots haven't got caught for this dumb shit . The pres should be tried in court and found guilty

  89. Jim Grimes

    I will have to wait till this fleshes out before I can decide they are traitors pr they were following their oaths.

  90. Kinney Leonard

    They called the writers of the constitution that too. And wanted the same for them. How did that work out for the king? We are america. We have freedom. We fight for liberty. This socialist will never be America. You say poor obama? I say poor you..

  91. Dana Mattos

    They don't want you to hear more stories like this. They will control the media to keep stupid, stupid. Those who awaken will be villified and the all communications will be shut down. You will only hear the spoon fed rhetoric of government victimization. All you terrorists who believe in God and the Constitution will need to be eliminated. Keep safe, your mind strong, and your will stone solid as it will be tested.

  92. James Dutton

    Smells like an attempt at a false flag attack to discredit the military so they can put more money in to DHS to "Keep Us Safe" wink wink.

  93. Larry Higginbotham

    The sparks of the next Revolution has already been spread. It is just a matter of time before the fire starts and then spreads like wildfire. The citizens wamt a good christian country again.

  94. Larry Higginbotham

    The sparks of the next Revolution has already been spread. It is just a matter of time before the fire starts and then spreads like wildfire. The citizens wamt a good christian country again.

  95. Brad Borchers

    G.W.Bush is guilty of treason and wars crimes. Brittany, please get educated before writing about something you know nothing of.

  96. Greg Loren Durand

    That's just what "those people" are waiting for.

  97. Charles Kenneth Nesbitt

    This is Obama's 2nd term and he needs to own what HE is doing to the country now. Yeah, he could blame Bush for some of it in his 1st term, but that is gone. He has made a complete mess of his 2nd term and it is just starting. Killing people in Mexico to blame guns that he and Holder walked over the border, firing military commanders who answered "NO" on his questionnaire if they would give orders to fire on Americans who refused to surrender their guns to gun control, and a thousand other things that are illegal. There are going to be a lot more than 4 soldiers gunning for his sorry black ass. Just don't shoot him or it will all be blamed on guns again. Probably the same ones he walked into Mexico so he could blame us.

  98. Charles Kenneth Nesbitt

    Too bad there weren't 400,000 of them instead of 4. If Obama keeps asking commanders to give orders to fire on Americans who lawfully own guns, it is going to be a hell of a lot more than 400,000.

  99. Paul Campbell

    Same goes for you Brad…, please get educated before writing about something you know nothing of…. NO WHERE was G.W.Bush ever found guilty of or convicted of any crimes never mind you misleading lie of wars crimes !

  100. Bevo BayareaCa

    Obama is the Treasonous one. I will stand with those will fight.

  101. Jerry Kountz

    MAYBE???? Timothy McVeigh was ahead of his time and knew what we are just finding out? MAYBE!!!!! Only God know's for sure. obama has proven, you cannot believe the media!

  102. Scott Adkins

    For all I know these men may be loose ends to something the military was up to..,,, no better way than to frame them and burry them in a prison where no one will listen to them

  103. Kevin Thomas

    Ronald, you've never heard of people being brought up on charges for a crime they didn't commit to cover a story the Fed wants to spoon feed us?

  104. Leisa Newman

    Bush is <past tense> Obama is PRESENT….and he's as guilty as they come!

  105. Trent Anderson

    Brad is one of this liberal democrats hell bent on the destruction of the U.S.!!! Obama is guilty of Treason for 1. Benghazi, while he relieved an Admiral/General of duty for trying to send a Quick Reaction Force to Benghazi.
    2. Fast and Furious
    3. Fraudulent Birth Cert, SS Card, Selective Service Card, College Transcripts sealed.
    4. Adding 7 trillion to our deficit in only 4 1/2 years.
    Let me see a raise of hands who would take Jimmie Carter our #2 worst president of the USA over this dictator in chief!!!

  106. Pamela K. Cahoon Laub

    @Curtis Condon – No, just the guy sitting in the oval office when he isn't golfing or on vacation. You know, the supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood who is destroying America and rarely salutes the flag. The Founding Father's fought against a tyrannical leader.

  107. Pamela K. Cahoon Laub

    Liberals are the most intolerant people I've encountered in my life. When they can't come up with logical arguments they tend to curse and attack people. If MLK, Jr. could see what BHO has done to set back race relations he'd be spinning in his grave. BHO wants to divide our country so the resulting unrest justifies martial law. Then all the freebies will be gone and the entire country will be a hand-to-mouth third world country – just as planned. Don't think you'll be exempt just because you voted for him. You served your purpose. He doesn't give a damn about anyone outside of his family. They have extravagant parties and vacations while 1 in 4 children go to bed hungry. He entertains Muslim Brotherhood members at the WH while Americas are refused entry. His priorities raise a lot of questions. He uses children and grieving parents as political props. He shreds the Constitution like confetti. He arms our enemies while working to disarm Americans. As our enemies get stronger he weakens our military. Go ahead and drink the Kool-aid. Live in your fantasy world. It will crash and burn soon. May God bless America and protect us all.

  108. James Lynch

    Well, honestly, it's too bad they failed to kill Obama. Obama is an evil man with smooth words, a tyrannical traitor and great liar!

  109. James Lynch

    Brad Borchers …Brittany Cloud is on the right path to knowing what she's talking about. Bush's and Obama are both traitors so you need to get it right as well. None the less, keep it up both of you and continue spreading the truth!

  110. Mercedes Vest

    Please brad before u go telling Brittany to educate herself u might need to do the same obviously your being quite forgetful about everything Obama has done

  111. Elise M Robb

    You are the one who should be educated before opening your trap. Any one who vote for Obama is as guilty as the traitor in chief, they are the cause of our country being in such a mess now. With people like you Obama lovers you all need to move to the middle east and be treated like animals as they are over there.

  112. Elise M Robb

    Maybe your president not mine and not of millions of hard working americans.

  113. Elise M Robb

    Three people were killed and most likely by a Left-winger loonatic if it wasn't by a radical muslim like some of yours president. Because he will never be my president NEVER.

  114. Elise M Robb

    These soldiers knew Obama is a bad rotten apple in the bag.

  115. Bear Watcher

    at first I was willing to give Obama a chance but then his action showed him for who he is and yet amarica still revoted him back in now I hold my head in shame.

  116. Loral Orow

    Brad Borchers Maybe you should get educated and stop calling people out people who actually are! Obama has done more treasonous things against America than any other president ever! You really should pay attention or stop replying to something you have no knowledge about.

  117. Loral Orow

    Danielle Slatton And he was put to death in a short time, unlike the terrorists who come from Muslim nations who live forever – Remember that McVeigh had done his military service in Muslim countries and was likely indoctrinated by their extreme hatred of America.

  118. Loral Orow

    Melanie LeBato Branham I have a strong feeling that all of these shootings were by design. What does it matter if a few people die while this corrupt administration gets what they want…..the complete destruction of our country!

  119. Loral Orow

    Stephanie Bishop I don't believe everything I read. I don't believe much about this case. Government always has someone ready to take the brunt of all their dirty actions.

  120. Joe M Deyell

    The Muslim is guilty of treason. And war crimes, it is you Brad Borchers who needs to get educated. We can't go back in time, but we can deal with the dictator at present.

  121. Mike Slaney

    Brad, I would say it is you who needs educating, anyone who tries to give away our U.S. ports of import to the people who are trying to kill us, and a member of Skull and Cross Bones of the NWO, yea, I would more than say he is a Traitor, MORE! Brit is right!

  122. Mike Slaney

    Folks we need government, what we don't need is big government and Communists in it and the clones following them!

  123. Kim Milligan

    "…planned to take over Ft Stewart." Okay, that's where we did a lot of small arms quals… This guy was just plain stupid.

  124. Roxy Bouler-Scott

    The Minister Louis Farrakhan already told bigots like you that "nothing better not happen to President Barack Obama", RACIST LIKE YOU SHOULD CARRY THAT MEMO WITH YOU AT ALL TIMES.

  125. Roxy Bouler-Scott


  126. Steve Foster

    Or else what you ugly ape? What are you and your Muslim terrorist buddy Calypso Louie going to do? Call out the black pussycats and have a race riot? Any excuse to steal and burn shit and smoke crack? Obama is a fraud, a liar, a cheat,a commie and a lazy ignorant Negro from Kenya !

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