Anne Hathaway Blasts The Kardashians, Tells Fans To Be More Like Helena Bonham Carter

Anne Hathaway Blasts The Kardashians, Tells Fans To Be More Like Helena Bonham Carter

Anne Hathaway has just become the latest of a long list of celebrities to put the Kardashians on blast, but Anne is claiming this one is just a case of “unintentional shade.”

Hathaway slammed the Kardashian clan, including Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney Kardashian and Kendall and Kylie Jenner, in a now-deleted Instagram post on May 23, where Anne appeared to encourage fans to turn their backs on the reality stars and be more like actress Helena Bonham Carter.

According to Refinery29, Hathaway took to the social media site to post a meme that read “In a world of Kardashians… be a Helena Bonham Carter,” which caused outrage with fans who claimed that Hathaway was “pitting women against one another” with her Instagram upload.

According to Perez Hilton, one Instagram user commented on Anne’s pretty shady photo, writing, “Really Anne? You don’t have to put other people down to bring someone up.”

Other users took to Twitter to blast Anne over her message, with Twitter user @MarisaKabas tweeting out on the social media site, “I’m not an Anne Hathaway hater, but she is way more Kardashian than helena, sryyy toots.”

Anne Hathaway quickly deleted the social media photo and replaced it with another meme following the Kardashian backlash, where she claimed in the caption that her original image had not intended to cause any drama.

“It never occurred to me I was pitting anyone against each other. Not my style. Peace x,” Anne captioned the new Instagram photo, which featured the text, “Post removed for unintentional shade thrown.”

However, Anne’s deletion of the original Kardashian blasting Instagram upload didn’t exactly silence her fans.

Anne Hathaway Blasts The Kardashians, Tells Fans To Be More Like Helena Bonham Carter
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“@annehathaway did the right thing by removing the post. It was petty even for her!!!!!!!” @sophiakaneng wrote in the comments section of Hathaway’s new post about her Kardashian blast, while @evilgirlvhaters commented, “I would rather be KIM KARDASHIAN, at least all her flaws are on show! Who the f*** is the real Anne?”

“Put a real life camera in their home for one hour to capture their true essence and let’s see how many are here praising them!” the social media user added.

But while some fans continued to call out Anne over her Kardashian slam, other fans praised Hathaway for speaking out against the Keeping Up with the Kardashians reality stars on the social media site.

“I didn’t see it as shade against the Kardashians. I seen it as encouraging girls and women to embrace being different if they feel they don’t fit into what’s considered ‘normal’ and ‘beautiful’ these days,” @lil_floobit commented on Hathaway’s new photo. “It’s not a dig at the Kardashians but at the media and society for making them our ideal.”

Anne Hathaway Blasts The Kardashians, Tells Fans To Be More Like Helena Bonham Carter
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“Awe.. I loved it.. The [Kardashians] are way too high maintenance & not good role models for young girls.. Too much pressure on young girls today @annehathaway,” @hat_madder12 added, while Instagram user @dtaylorincI told Anne that they “agreed with your post shouldn’t have deleted it.”

Hathaway fan @cookielandcutie defended Anne, commenting on the new photo, “agreed!! better to be anything but a Kardashian! I agree – better to be a Helena Bonham Carter than a Kim Kardashian!”

“Wish you didn’t have to take down that post. Helena is talented, quirky and not known for beauty… whereas Kim is only famous for being naked and talentless and superficially beautiful,” the Instagram user continued of the Kardashian family in a lengthy comment on Hathway’s post. “I mean she even took naked selfies and posted it online recently to stay relevant? How is that a good example for women or teenage girls growing up? So aspire to be known for your talent like Helena rather than ‘beauty with make up’ Kardashians.”

What do you think of Anne’s Instagram post about the Kardashian family? Was Anne Hathaway right to delete the photo?

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