Xbox 360 Political Coverage

Xbox Live Announces ‘Election 2012’ Hub

Microsoft on Friday announced Election 2012 hub a new political platform that allows users to track their favorite candidates with the help of news updates and other pertinent information.

The political hub will also broadcast live feeds from the Republican and Democratic national conventions and provide video access to the presidential debates as they occur.

Adding some interactivity to the system Xbox 360 owners will be able to respond to poll questions as they view live programming and special events throughout the entire election season.

Content for the program will be provided by while non-partisan facts will also be made available through Face the Facts USA.

Non-registered voters will even be given the chance to sign up through the Rock the Vote platform directly inside their Xbox Live account.

While an Xbox Live hub might seem like a trivial respond to the campaign season a recent survey found that 40 percent of Xbox Live householdes are Swing Voters. The recent survey also found that Xbox Live users are most worried about unemployment and jobs. Also at the top of the list for Xbox Live users are healthcare with 29 percent of their vote and taxes which topped out at a 22 percent level of concern.

Xbox live users will gain free access to the Election 2012 portal starting on Monday, August 27.

In the meantime I’ll be waiting for that moment when just like TV viewing the President of the United States interrupts a live action video game to bring angry gamers news about the state of the country.