miley cyrus liam hemsworth wedding in turmoil

Liam Hemsworth Cancelling Miley Cyrus Wedding: Marriage Plans In Turmoil Over Endless Disagreements

Is Miley Cyrus’ wedding to Liam Hemsworth over? Not quite, but it’s heading that way unless the couple can finally decide on something that they both like.

Reports allege that Miley and Liam have been arguing over their wedding arrangements, which all started with the location process. Hemsworth had stressed he wanted to marry the singer in a ceremony out in Australia since most of his family members reside Down Under.

Miley, however, stressed that all of her family members are out in California, so that alone would be a problem. To fly out an entire family to Australia for the wedding would cost the 23-year-old a fortune, so the two reportedly settled with the idea that they’d simply have two weddings, that way both families can be part of their special day.

But even with that being sorted, new problems have come their way — and with the way things are currently moving forward, there won’t be a wedding because the two cannot seem to agree on anything they like.

“She’s planning the wedding but that’s causing some tension as well because Liam is telling her it’s on but then he’s sabotaging it,” a source confirmed. “She and her mom put in time putting ideas together and then Liam won’t look at them to help her pick. He wants to have a say in things but he’s dragging his feet on the process and that’s so frustrating for Miley.”

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It has more or less gotten to the point where Miley Cyrus has gotten the impression that Liam just isn’t interested in the wedding process anymore.

It’s not that Liam has fallen out of love with Miley, but the arguing they are doing just for the sake of a ceremony that is supposed to be filled with love and happiness seems to be heading into the wrong direction.

Before Cyrus and Hemsworth began planning their wedding, they were just so happy to be back together again following a three-year hiatus. Miley had flown out to Australia in December to see whether a reconciliation with Liam would still be possible, especially after all the history the twosome have with one another.

And while Liam seemed to be all for the reunion, their relationship is hitting all kinds of problems as long as the wedding stands in their way. A source adds that the couple are putting themselves under so much stress to accommodate all of their friends and family members.

Their best option would just be to get married in Malibu, where the twosome currently reside — and on top of that, if they were to secretly tie the knot, even better. That way, nobody can hold anything against them — a peaceful, quiet ceremony without anybody else’s input.

It’s unclear as to how Miley Cyrus and Liam will be moving forward with their wedding plans from here on out, but to presume that a wedding is still happening this summer is very unlikely. The two have so much to sort out, and on top of that, Cyrus is gearing up for her position on The Voice later this year.

Fans shouldn’t be surprised to hear that the couple will end up deciding to postpone their wedding until next year, during a time where they have a better idea of how they are going to make their wedding happen without their opinions clashing with one another.

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