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Who Is Kendall Jenner Dating? Harry Styles And Jordan Clarkson Named As Potential Boyfriends

Kendall Jenner’s love life is extremely confusing. One second, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star is linked to Harry Styles, and the next, she’s tied to Jordan Clarkson, but who is she really dating?

Although Kendall Jenner stepped out with the One Direction singer just last month, just weeks after news broke of her relationship with the Los Angeles Lakers star, it appears Clarkson is Kendall Jenner’s main squeeze at the moment. For weeks, Kendall Jenner has stayed silent about the continuous reports regarding her relationship status, but earlier this month, she stepped out with Clarkson for a late night visit to The Nice Guy with her sisters, Kylie Jenner and Khloe Kardashian.

While a nightclub outing isn’t exactly confirmation of a full-blown romance, rumors claim Kendall Jenner and Clarkson are heating up.

“They keep things low-key when they’re in public, but in private they’re very much together and affectionate,” a source revealed to People Magazine in April. “He’s really into her.”

Kendall Jenner met Clarkson last fall, and they “have been secretly dating for months,” another insider told the magazine. “He is super sweet and a total gentleman and [Kendall Jenner] loves that.”

As Kendall Jenner and Clarkson’s romance heats up, a rumor has surfaced claiming the 20-year-old model is only pretending to have a romance with Clarkson because she believes it will make Styles jealous and send him crawling back to her. Hall of Fame Magazine shared this theory with fans on May 18, but Gossip Cop quickly shot the idea down, revealing Kendall Jenner was allowing her relationships with both men to “evolve naturally.”

As for how Kendall Jenner’s family feels about her reported romance with Clarkson, Kylie appears to be a fan and even featured him in a social media video during Coachella, but Khloe doesn’t seem to be sold on the idea of her younger sister dating an athlete. In fact, a source claims Khloe is downright concerned about their relationship.

“Kendall and Jordan are really taking things to the next level and while Khloe wants her sister to be happy and in love, she’s concerned,” a source told Hollywood Life last month. “Khloe knows all too well the games, shenanigans and heartbreaks associated with dating a man in the NBA. That said, she wants to sit down with Jordan so she can vet him and find out what his intentions are! No disrespect to Jordan. Khloe knows him and he’s a nice guy – but he’s talking to her sister and Khloe’s over protective of her family. Really can’t blame her. After catching James in his lies and dealing with Lamar’s bs, she could write a book on how slimy some NBA dudes are. She just want to make absolutely sure that Jordan is as sweet and innocent as he looks. Otherwise, he’ll have serious problems with Khloe.”

Kendall Jenner is currently in Cannes, where she’s been seen at a number of events throughout the week, but so far, her rumored flames have not been seen, nor has she been spotted with any other man. Instead, the reality star appears to be spending her time in France with her family, including her mother, Kris Jenner, who is also in town to take in the sights of Cannes and attend premieres in the area.

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