Sixth Grade Quarterback Throws Touchdown On First Snap For Varsity Team

Sixth Grade Quarterback Throws Touchdown On First Snap For Varsity Team [Video]

A sixth grade quarterback in Tennessee threw a touchdown on his first ever pass. That might not sound too impressive on its own, but the 5-foot-1 quarterback was on his school’s varsity football team when he did it.

Andrew Robison is only in sixth grade, but after Franklin (Tennessee) Christian Academy’s starter went down with cramps, his coach called on him to take over, the Yahoo! Sports blog Prep Rally reported. The 100-pound athlete caught his opponent by surprise, throwing a slant out of the shotgun formation that went 63 yards for a touchdown.

Though Andrew Robison’s team lost 63-30 to McClain Christian Academy, his feat earned him a spot in the record books. According to MaxPreps, the 12-year-old Robison is likely the youngest player in history to throw a touchdown in a varsity game.

No formal records exist on quarterback ages, but MaxPreps found only a few other cases that would fit. David Sills, a USC recruit, threw nine touchdowns as an eighth in 2010, and Tim Couch made the varsity squad as a seventh grader.

Though the governing body for high school athletics in Tennessee — the Tennessee Secondary School Athletic Association — does not permit sixth graders to play on the varsity level, Andrew Robison’s eight-man squad isn’t a member of TSSAA, so he will have the chance to throw more touchdowns this year.

One of the most amazing parts of sixth grade quarterback Andrew Robison’s accomplishment is the video of his pass. He clearly looks out of place among the larger varsity players — comically so, Prep Rally notes — yet was still able to laser a pass over the middle for a touchdown.

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